Wooden Camera Announces Elite Accessory System for Sony BURANO

Wooden Camera is now taking pre-orders for Elite Accessory Systems for Sony BURANO. There’s a new D-Box® and B-Box for BURANO, as well as a new EVF System that maximizes the functionality of the Sony BURANO in any operating application. The entire offering is complete with an Elite Accessory System that includes everything operators need […]

Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for RED® KOMODO-X™

Wooden Camera is now taking pre-orders for their Elite Accessory System for RED® KOMODO-X™. This collection offers an Elite System for users who want to outfit their camera with a full cinema setup as well as a Core System for users who want to start with the basics. This system includes new accessories as well […]

Wooden Camera Introduces Versatile Accessory Plate Systems

Wooden Camera announces a new collection of Accessory Plate Systems that add secure mounting points in a variety of sizes and mounting options. Created specifically so that users can redesign their builds, these accessories open up a world of new possibilities for rig optimization. “For years, our community has expressed the need for mounting solutions […]

Great Combo for “Drift”: Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System

Cinematographer and L.A. native Duncan O’Bryan made the move to Portland, Oregon eight years ago, where he has grown his career working on commercial campaigns with brands like Nike and Twitter.  A big believer in challenging himself, O’Bryan applied & was accepted into the ASC Vision Mentorship program and connected with Wooden Camera and Sony to become one of the first users […]

Wooden Camera Announces Release of Elite Accessory System for ARRI ALEXA 35

Wooden Camera announced the new Elite Accessory System for ARRI ALEXA 35: a series of camera cage components designed to provide a flexible, full-featured and scalable foundation for every camera setup. “We love the design of the new ALEXA 35, so we focused on building a flexible system allowing camera crews to build out their […]

Sony Electronics Announces New Firmware Updates for the FX6 and VENICE 2  

The new firmware updates will be on display at the Sony booth at Cine Gear Expo 2023 Sony Electronics announced the upcoming release of new firmware updates for the FX6 full-frame camera and the flagship VENICE 2 digital cinema camera. FX6 Version 4.0 and VENICE 2 Version 2.1 will be released this summer and a […]

Wooden Camera Announces Release of a Reimagined and Redesigned Ultra Handle System

Wooden Camera announces the new Ultra Handle System: a new handle system–which is available to order now– includes a multitude of ⅜”-16 and 1–/4”-20 mounting points throughout and comprises 1”, 3”, 5” modules as well a Right-Angle “Hollywood Handle” Extension.    Known for creating innovative new accessory systems for the industry’s latest cameras, Wooden Camera’s […]

Wooden Camera Announces Release of the new Accessory System for the Sony FX3 & FX30

Dallas, TX, April 16, 2023 — Wooden Camera announced the new Accessory System for the Sony FX3 & FX30: a modular system and accessories designed to help users customize their workflow and quickly transition between setups. “Our ‘L-Cage’ design is the ideal foundation for any Sony FX build, with a modular accessory system that allows […]

Sony Electronics Announces New Firmware Update for FX3 & FX30

The new firmware enables the cameras to shoot DCI 4K in true 24 fps, adds anamorphic lens desqueeze and breathing compensation to bring unified operability and common workflow to the Cinema Line SAN DIEGO, CA –Today, Sony Electronics announced new firmware updates for the FX3 full-frame digital cinema camera and the FX30 Super 35 digital […]

Wooden Camera Elite Accessory System for Sony VENICE 2 & Rialto 2

Wooden Camera announces the new custom Sony VENICE 2 and Rialto 2 Accessory System. Lightweight and fully modular, Wooden Camera’s Elite System is designed for maximum configurability and rapid transition between camera modes. “This comprehensive accessory system is a reflection of the creativity of Dominick Aiello and his design team,” says Greg Smokler, General Manager […]

CARTONI to Show Remote-Control PTZ Support and Encoded Heads at NAB 2023

At NAB Show 2023, Cartoni will showcase its entire line of premium camera support products, including tripods, fluid heads and pedestals used worldwide in broadcast, cinema and live event production. Making its debut at the show is Lifto 25, an all-new motorized support for PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras with a unique remote-control elevation unit. Cartoni will […]

Cinematographer Danny Schmidt Uses CARTONI Focus 22 to Shoot “Path of the Panther”

Wildlife documentary from Grizzly Creek Films, Wildpath and Appian Way underscores the plight of the endangered cat native to Florida’s Everglades  Danny Schmidt is an award-winning director, producer and cinematographer whose work in wildlife documentaries has taken him to the most remote and forbidding parts of the globe in search of its most elusive creatures. […]

CARTONI Acquires STE-MAN/Manios Digital & Film

The acquisition of its long-time distributor is central to the company’s strategy to expand in the U.S.  Cartoni, the Rome-based designer and manufacturer of the widest range of professional camera support products, for the film, television, and broadcast industries, has acquired STE-MAN Inc/Manios Digital & Film, the North Hollywood-based supplier of premium camera equipment. Manios […]

Wooden Camera releases a new sleek, more robust line of Kits for the Panasonic DC-GH6

Dallas, TX, Jan. 17, 2023 — Wooden Camera, designer and manufacturer of solutions for popular digital motion-picture cameras, announced a new collection of custom kits for the Panasonic DC-GH6. Wooden Camera’s customized GH6 kits are designed to give users the most solid yet flexible cage setups for their camera system. The kits are available in […]