PrimeTime Lighting Reveals MSLED Low-Profile Broadcast Studio LED Light Series

PrimeTime MSLED Series

DALLAS – Texas-based PrimeTime Lighting unveiled an entire series of low-profile LED broadcast studio lights. True to PrimeTime’s integrity, these MSLEDs stand up to long-term heavy commercial use. The MSLEDs feature a single soft-shadow light that wraps around the subject with a 93+ CRI. PrimeTime LED lights are unique to the broadcast studio lighting industry: Passively […]

PrimeTime Launches Newest LED – the MSLED 40 XB2

DALLAS – July 24, 2018 – PrimeTime debuts its newest LED broadcast studio light, the wide and bright MSLED 40 XB2, a single soft-shadow light. The passively cooled LED light is engineered and built in the USA with a five-year guarantee. The MSLED series of LED luminaires are designed for standard broadcast studio grids and also […]

PrimeTime Engineers LED Broadcast Studio Lights With Passive Cooling

DALLAS – PrimeTime Lighting Systems designs and builds LED broadcast studio lights to stand up to long-term heavy commercial use. The company has a “no compromise, no shortcut” philosophy to answer the broadcast industry’s demand for powerful high-performance LED luminaires. PrimeTime has continued to innovate the broadcast studio lighting industry with engineering expertise and superior quality LED […]

Questions about LED Fresnel Cooling?

DALLAS – PrimeTime Lighting Systems has a “no compromise, no shortcut” response to the broadcast industry’s demand for a powerful high-performance LED Fresnel. PrimeTime has continued to innovate the broadcast studio lighting industry with engineering expertise and superior quality LED and fluorescent light fixtures. Five-year warranty on LED fixtures. LED lights that last and keep studios […]

PrimeTime Lighting Showcases LED Engineering Superiority

DALLAS – March 29, 2017 – Innovative engineering drives the design and manufacturing of LED broadcast studio lights at PrimeTime Lighting Systems. “PrimeTime has a reputation for high build-quality and superior engineering of our LED lighting products. As a result, our LED fixtures remain cool and keep studios quiet without noisy fans,” according to Glen Harn, […]

Let’s Mess With Texas Lights

PrimeTime Lighting builds top quality broadcast studio and video conference light fixtures in Dallas, Texas Dallas, TX – April 24, 2015 – Quietly based in the heart of Dallas, Texas for over twenty years, PrimeTime Lighting Systems has manufactured innovative and precisely engineered lighting systems, including LED and fluorescent luminaires for broadcast studios and video conference […]

PrimeTime Lighting Systems Introduces the SLED Series with Brighter LED Luminaires

PrimeTime Lighting Systems

The 1SLED and MSLED lights hand-built in America by PrimeTime Lighting Systems feature brighter and energy-efficient LED technology Dallas, TX – October 14, 2014 – “The new SLED series of LED luminaires by PrimeTime Lighting Systems are brighter than most other LED fixtures in the broadcast studio lighting market,” according to Glen Harn, PrimeTime CEO. […]