Creative Solutions Supports “Made In Her Image”

  Creative Solutions Effective: November 29, 2021 “… united in our belief that storytelling shakes the world, we dedicate this course to the advancement of young women, girls, and non-binary youth of color within film, media, and technology.” Malakai, Made In Her Image, founder Creative Solutions, which includes SmallHD, Teradek, Wooden Camera, and Lightstream, […]

Creative Solutions and RED Digital Cinema® Announce Accessories for V-RAPTOR™ Camera System

First in series of RED/Creative Solutions product collaborations IRVINE, California: November 1, 2021 – Creative Solutions (CS) and RED Digital Cinema® announce the launch of a series of multiple camera accessories for the new V-RAPTOR Camera System. Following a multi-year collaboration between the two companies, the results are unique, integrated, co-branded products. The first resulting […]

Teradek Receives Emmy® Award for its Bolt 4K

Teradek                                                                          October 28, 2021 (Irvine, CA) — Teradek, a brand of the Vitec Group’s Creative Solutions division proudly announces that their Bolt 4K wireless video transmission system for on-set monitoring has been awarded an Engineering Emmy® by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on October 21 at the 73rd annual event. Presented […]

Adventurer Filmmaker Renan Ozturk Takes Teradek RT to Costa Rica

  Some of the world’s most spectacular views are best seen from halfway up a wall of rock. That’s a place where gear has to be reliable, whether it’s crucial safety equipment or the cameras that let the rest of us experience the same dizzying panorama. It’s also a familiar situation to alpinist Renan Ozturk, […]

Teradek Introduces New Bolt 4K Monitor Modules 1500 TX/RX

  Irvine, CA — Teradek has launched the Bolt 4K Monitor Modules 1500 TX and 1500 RX, giving users a long-range option with the 1500 monitor modules and a short-range option with the original 750 monitor modules. “Scalability has always been a huge benefit of the Bolt 4K family,” explained Colin McDonald, Product Manager for […]

Override Films Keeps the Camera Flying with the Help of SmallHD Effective: Immediately Jordan Overman is a rare individual who combines his passion for the great outdoors with a career dedicated to dynamic camera movement. With an action sports background the cinematographer is quite comfortable taking extreme measures in challenging environments to squeeze every bit of excitement out of a shot. “… specialty camera services” […]

SmallHD Introduces the Most Compact, 4K High-Bright Monitor on the Market

SmallHD Effective: 6.22.21 Raleigh, NC — SmallHD announces the launch of a new 4K 13-inch high-bright monitor. Cine 13 is SmallHD’s most compact, agile, and pixel-dense 13-inch production monitor yet. With its low-profile design, this on-set workhorse can fit into nearly any production scenario. The brilliant daylight visibility and 4K clarity of Cine 13 […]

Francis Kenny, ASC Keeps Action High with Help of Bolt 4K Max

  CBS mega hit S.W.A.T. has always been fast moving—on air and on set. Shot on multiple stages at Santa Clarita Studios and diverse locations throughout the Los Angeles area, the series averages 100 set-ups per day. Giving life to the adrenalin pumping story lines has always been a creative feat for accomplished cinematographer Francis […]

Teradek Joins the NDI® Ecosystem

Creative Solutions Teradek Cube 700 Series owners can now add NDI® for better quality, lower latency IP video delivery Hailed as one of the most efficient protocols in existence, NDI is now enabled for the Cube 700 Series Encoders Teradek’s Cube 705 and 755 encoder owners can now purchase an NDI license NDI enables […]

Teradek Partners with Camera to Cloud (C2C) to Revolutionize Editorial Workflow

Teradek Effective: Immediately Irvine, California — Creative Solutions announces that Teradek has partnered with to support C2C (Camera to Cloud), a cloud-based workflow that bridges on-set camera capture with post-production NLE systems. This revolutionary process is poised to forever transform the way in which production and editorial interact. At launch, the Teradek […]

Teradek Announces New Encoder: Vidiu X

  Teradek launches Vidiu X: an all-in-one hardware encoder that helps content creators broadcast high quality live video for today’s all-time peak in live streaming. Irvine, CA — Teradek launches Vidiu X: a powerful HD streaming encoder solution for live streaming videographers and content creators. Vidiu X uses H.264 video compression to capture and encode […]