Find The Best Broadcast Attennas At Jampro’s 2020 NAB Show Exhibit

  If the broadcast industry could be defined by one simple word, it’s that of innovation. Innovation serves the forefront of the broadcast industry’s development, which has essentially been the result of the technology that helps to effectively support it. Jampro Antennas, Inc. has provided the broadcast industry with high-quality antenna systems, which will showcase […]

Jampro Delivers Five FM Broadband Antenna Systems to UFULU FM 92.5 in Malawi

Sacramento, CA — Jampro Antennas of Sacramento, California has made delivery of five FM broadband systems to Southeastern African radio station UFULU FM 92.5, located within the country of Malawi. The manufacturer supplied 4-bay and 6-bay JBVP Vertically polarized systems to the top station so it can better achieve nationwide coverage. According to Alex M. […]