Cooke Optics partners with EZtrack to change the way movies are made

Cooke Optics is proud to announce it has partnered with EZtrack to develop a seamlessly integrated system that revolutionizes the way movies are made. The combination of Cooke’s long-term efforts in accurately mapping its lenses, combined with EZtrack’s camera tracking and data aggregation Hub has forever blurred the line between production and post-production, allowing filmmakers […]

Cooke Panchro/i Classics bring the Cooke Look to King of Boys: The Return of the King

March 4, 2022 To shoot the sequel to the acclaimed political thriller King of Boys, cinematographer Kagho Idhebor chose the Cooke Optics Panchro/i Classic to help Nigerian director and writer Kemi Adetiba achieve her vision for the project. The original King of Boys feature film, also written and directed by Adetiba, follows the story of […]

The Gilded Age, Julian Fellowes’ New Period Drama for HBO Max, lensed with Cooke Spherical and Anamorphic/i Prime Lenses to Capture the Clash between ‘Old New York’ and the ‘New New York’ of the 1880s

February 23, 2022 Set in New York City in the 1880s, a period marked by the clash between old traditions and new paradigms, Julian Fellowes’ HBO original series The Gilded Age tells a story of two families from different socioeconomic backgrounds and the relationship between them as they are trying to navigate these times of […]

Cooke highlights /i technology for full frame shooting

(September 17, 2020) One of the focuses for Cooke Optics for the remaining months of 2020 will be on demonstrating to its customers how its /i technology enables new technical solutions to age old problems. And few problems have been given as much of a twist in recent years as the problem of keeping focus […]