Cooke Optics completes Varotal/i FF zoom range with new 19-40mm lens

November 4, 2022 Cooke Optics has released a 19-40mm wide zoom in its Varotal/i FF range, which joins the 30-95mm medium and 85-215mm long zooms that were launched at the end of 2021. The 19-40mm zoom completes the Varotal/i FF series, enabling Cooke to offer broad focal length coverage for the majority of production needs. […]

Cooke Optics launches S8/i FF spherical lenses for full frame production

March 16, 2022 Cooke Optics has announced the launch of the S8/i Full Frame (FF) series of seven lenses for full-frame production with an all-spherical design and T1.4 throughout, these currently include 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 135mm focal lengths. A further nine lenses will join the range from late 2022. The S8/i […]

The Cooke Look brings dimensionality and contrast to In From The Cold

February 8, 2022 In From The Cold is Netflix’s new suspenseful and exciting series that follows a single mother exposed as an ex-Russian spy, who must juggle family life and unique shape-shifting skills in a battle against an insidious enemy. Cinematographer Hermes Marco, AEC, trusted a combination of Cooke S7/i Full Frame Plus and vintage […]

Cooke Anamorphic/i SF Lenses bring beauty to a dark retelling of Pinocchio

Leicester, UK – March 09, 2020 – DP Nicolaj Bruel and director Matteo Garrone, who first worked together on the award-winning 2018 feature film Dogman, repeated their collaboration – and their selection of Cooke Anamorphic/i SF lenses – on the live action Italian language feature film Pinocchio, starring Oscar® winner Roberto Benigni. Anamorphic framing, /i […]

Cooke Optics to Show New Lenses for the First Time in Europe

Hot off its win at Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Hollywood for Camera Technology-Optics with the Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus, Cooke Optics  invites all of Europe and the rest of the world to see just what is meant by “The Cooke Look®” as it showcases — for the first time in Europe — […]