Core SWX Unveils Nano-M Battery for Small Form Cine Cameras

PLAINVIEW, NY, JANUARY 30, 2018 – Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces its newest cine battery, the Nano-VBR98, exclusively designed for Panasonic cameras. With a capacity of 98wh and weighing in at 0.9 pounds, the Nano-VBR98 is a 7.4v battery pack with a 12v power tap (2A max load). “The on-board […]

Storytape Puts Power Behind Stock Videos with Core SWX

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK, DECEMBER 6, 2017 – Storytape, an online subscription service for downloading cinematic 4K stock footage, travels the globe to capture diverse, stunning clips for its video database. The company’s use of Core SWX’s Hypercore SLIM 7 V-MT and XP-L90S batteries has become vital, providing a power source ideal for capturing footage across […]

National Wildlife Filmmaking Challenge Powered by Core SWX

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 9, 2017 – RED Digital Cinema, a leading manufacturer of professional cameras, chose Core SWX to power RED WEAPON 8K S35 cameras used in a challenge to create films that inspire audiences to “let the wild in.” As part of Nat Geo WILD’s RED Challenge, ten experienced cinematographers from around the […]

Core SWX Now Shipping: Hypercore 9 Mini Battery and Fleet Micro Charger

NEW YORK, AUGUST 29, 2017 – Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces that its Hypercore 9 Mini (HC9 Mini) battery and award-winning Fleet Micro Chargers are currently shipping worldwide. The new HC9 Mini sustains all the features of the Hypercore line with a design ideal for smaller cine cameras, such as […]