Globacore Scales Up to Large-Scale Multi-Player VR with OptiTrack

Digital experience agency Globacore specializes in the design and development of emerging technologies for experiential marketing. Founded in 2004, the award-winning creative technology company prides itself on being a facilitator of the recently possible, so naturally, it was an early adopter of virtual reality (VR) technology, backing the original Oculus Kickstarter. With a DK1 in […]

AKA NYC Hosts Experiential Marketing for Broadway and Beyond Event

“Entertainment in Advertising: All the World’s a Stage” NEW YORK CITY— Members of the Broadway Industry convened at the Whitby Hotel in Manhattan November 27th for a roundtable discussion, hosted by AKA NYC, on the importance of brand experience and experiential marketing. Founding editor-in-chief of Event Marketer and author Dan Hanover (Experiential Marketing: Secrets, Strategies, […]