NUGEN Audio Helps 3 Days Rising Horror/Thriller Film Make Spines Tingle

Sound Designer Bob Pepek Also Utilizes the Plug-Ins for Variety of Advertising and Animation Projects ENFIELD, CT, OCTOBER 27, 2021―While it begins as a “dull, dark and soundless day,” the famous Edgar Allen Poe short story, The Fall of the House of Usher, is anything but boring or quiet. In fact, the chilling tale of […]

PMC Speakers Help Richard Marvin Deliver Music For Grimm

Renowned film and television composer Richard Marvin has been putting his PMC MB2S main monitors through a gruelling work schedule in recent months, completing the music for the final episode of NBC’s occult detective police drama, Grimm. Marvin, who works from his own studio in Los Angeles, has been an integral part of the hugely […]