LED Introductory Pricing from PrimeTime Lighting Ending Soon!

1SLEDXB2 PrimeTime

Introductory pricing for these two LED studio lighting fixtures ends soon! The SLED Series from PrimeTime are used in broadcast studios, houses of worship, video conference facilities, city council chambers, and eLearning classrooms. Chief engineers, TV studio executives, lighting designers, dealer/resellers, and systems integrators value PrimeTime’s legacy of high-performance lighting with superior quality and lasting […]

PrimeTime Lighting Lights the Way

While it’s true that PrimeTime Lighting products have met the demands of discriminating studio lighting designers for twenty years, providing a comprehensive portfolio of cool, energy-saving, image enhancing studio, video and filmmaking LED and fluorescent lighting instruments, that hasn’t always been the case. As you can imagine, lighting is fixed in history as an integral […]