Check Out NAB Nominated Pixellot Exhibit at The 2020 NAB Show

  The process any creative undertakes requires a steady workflow. Luckily Pixellot fulfills that need, and it will do the same this year at the 2020 NAB Show. This global media event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention center. The 2020 NAB Show is an event solely designed for broadcast professionals from all […]

OCTOPUS Newsroom Americas Inc Will Showcase Octopus X System At 2020 NAB Show

  The broadcast industry would not be what it is today if it didn’t have the most advanced computer systems available. Broadcasters from all over the digital ecosystem benefit from the innovative integration of high-quality technology developed by a company like Octopus Newsroom Americas Inc. This April, Octopus Newsroom Americas Inc. will be an exhibitor […]

Myers 2020 NAB Show Exhibit Will Showcase ProTrack Software

  If you’re a broadcaster, then managing your content is as important as the content itself. Quality content will always be an essential factor in any successful broadcast. The 2020 NAB Show will enhance this concept by uniting over 90,000 broadcast industry professionals where they’ll be able to learn not only how to produce and […]

Dynamic Drive Pool/Ardis Technologies’ 1GB/s, HyPerDDP12D

  Each DDP comes with dual 10GbE/RJ45 ports and 2 extra PCIe slots for cards Includes V5 scale-out DDP Ethernet SAN software Modular and capacity and bandwidth expandable within one file system SSD and HD packs are Raid protected The HyPerDDP12D has 4 spare slots for additional SSD and HD packs The HyPerDDP12D solely comes […]

Qligent Will Launch All-in-One Compliance Monitoring System at 2020 NAB Show

  Earlier this month, Qligent amplified its value proposition for broadcast compliance monitoring with a new all-in-one solution that addresses regulatory requirements for local TV stations, alongside its core quality-oriented proficiencies. This new solution will be unveiled at the 2020 NAB Show. Qligent’s Vision Compliance Monitoring system unlocks a centralized portal to monitor the three […]

Check Out GatesAir’s New Intraplex Solution At 2020 NAB Show Exhibit

  Any good content a creative develops always needs a proper presentation. The broadcast professionals attending the 2020 NAB Show all have ideas, and some are better than others. However, how they deliver and monetize their content is what determines the outcome of their brand’s outreach and success, and that’s when an industry pro like […]

Comrex’s ACCESS NX Rack: The Highlight Of The Comrex 2020 NAB Show Exhibit

  One of the unique aspects about entertainment as a whole, is the connection between the creator and the audience. The 2020 NAB Show is about expanding that very connection. This coming April, the 2020 NAB Show will be taking place at the Las Vegas Convention center, where over 90,000 professionals from the broadcast industry […]

Bitcentral Will Showcase Oasis Asset Management System At 2020 NAB Show Exhibit

  Every content creator operating within the broadcasting industry understands that the value of good content is measured in the value of the programming implemented in its presentation. High-quality content isn’t a rare gem to be discovered, but that goes differently for something as unique as high-quality programming. A creator’s content must not only embody […]

Check Out Telemetrics’ Track Systems And Roving Pedestals At Upcoming 2020 NAB Show

  Television wouldn’t have been a possibility without the use of a camera or that of the flexible film role by George Eastman. Since 1889, both television and the camera have undergone a major change in the ways they are incorporated in an entertainment/broadcast format. The perfect place to witness such sophisticated advancement is none […]

Media Links’ New IP Media Gateway Will Be Showcased at 2020 NAB Show

  Any well-crafted content needs some form of network transportation. Luckily, a company like Media Links has a handle on that. Networks that use equipment from Media Links are able to move uncompressed content in just a year in comparison to all other media content networks combined. Media Links’s reputation for high-quality, ultra-reliable networks illustrates […]