LED Fresnel Engineered with Five-Year Warranty

GUS 51 LED Fresnel CU

DALLAS – April 7, 2021 – U.S.-based broadcast studio lighting manufacturer, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, builds a longer-lasting LED Fresnel than other manufacturers. Luminaires are developed with the highest engineering standards and are guaranteed five years. PrimeTime designed a passive cooling system that enhances the longevity of its commercial-grade LED Fresnel known as the GUS 51 […]

Questions about LED Fresnel Cooling?

DALLAS – PrimeTime Lighting Systems has a “no compromise, no shortcut” response to the broadcast industry’s demand for a powerful high-performance LED Fresnel. PrimeTime has continued to innovate the broadcast studio lighting industry with engineering expertise and superior quality LED and fluorescent light fixtures. Five-year warranty on LED fixtures. LED lights that last and keep studios […]

PrimeTime Lighting Upgrades the GUS 51 LED Fresnel

The innovative broadcast studio light manufacturer, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, introduced an improved barndoor system for its GUS 51 LED Fresnel. 360-degree barndoor rotation was added and can be locked in place at any angle. Glen Harn, PrimeTime president said, “PrimeTime continuously looks for ways to improve our product – make it user-friendly, perform better and […]

PrimeTime Lighting Showcases LED Engineering Superiority

DALLAS – March 29, 2017 – Innovative engineering drives the design and manufacturing of LED broadcast studio lights at PrimeTime Lighting Systems. “PrimeTime has a reputation for high build-quality and superior engineering of our LED lighting products. As a result, our LED fixtures remain cool and keep studios quiet without noisy fans,” according to Glen Harn, […]

Light an Entire Broadcast Studio with High Quality PrimeTime LEDs without Fans

GUS 51 LED Fresnel

DALLAS – PrimeTime Lighting Systems manufactures an entire line of LED lighting instruments for broadcast studios and news interview sets. Glen Harn, CEO of PrimeTime stated, “We offer a family of LED fixtures for television broadcast studio applications. Our commercial-grade LED luminaires are powerful, extra bright and completely silent.” The high performance and durable LED […]

Made in America LED Revolution.

PrimeTime 1SLED XB2

PrimeTime is revolutionizing the LED lighting industry by developing broadcast studio LED luminaires that are so well-engineered – they don’t require fans. And, they are made with American ingenuity in Dallas, TX USA. The EXTRA BRIGHT LED, the 1SLED XB2 is the new industry standard for studio lighting. It boasts an incredible output with a […]

Zylight Announces ‘Winter White’ Sale on LED Fresnels, Soft Lights with White Finishes

Zylight, a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative LED lighting solutions, today announced its Winter White Sale, which offers reduced prices on versions of its F8-100 LED Fresnel and IS3c large panel light in white finishes through Feb. 28, 2017. Designed for special architectural and staging applications, the lights blend into light ceilings better than black fixtures, or can […]

LED Fresnel with Quiet Passive Cooling

DALLAS – Nov. 4, 2016 – When PrimeTime Lighting Systems set out to develop an LED Fresnel, they started with the basics they knew TV stations valued. The manufacture of broadcast studio lights with the highest build-quality. It also meant developing a passively cooled LED Fresnel that would keep studios quiet. Station engineers and consultants explained […]

Zylight IS3c LED Lights Streamline ‘How To Love’ Video Production

LOS ANGELES – In April, during a one-day shoot for the music video for How To Love by Cash Cash featuring Sofia Reyes, the production team was tasked with transforming a California restaurant into a number of different sets. Among other visuals, the finished video features Reyes singing in a sun-drenched bamboo forest, as well […]

Quality LED Studio Lighting Built in the USA by PrimeTime

GUS 51 LED Fresnel

DALLAS – March 31, 2016 – It’s no secret that studio lighting professionals demand high performing, bright and durable studio lights. According to Glen Harn, CEO of PrimeTime Lighting Systems, “PrimeTime’s LED and fluorescent fixtures are designed, engineered and built in the USA with rigorous testing, top-grade materials and renowned manufacturing standards.” Harn explained that their […]

Chief Engineers Depend on Superior Broadcast Products

PrimeTime 1SLED XB2

DALLAS – March, 2016 – PrimeTime has a reputation for the high build-quality and engineering of its broadcast studio lighting products according to Glen Harn, CEO of PrimeTime Lighting Systems. Harn explained, “Chief engineers and facility managers require high performing commercial grade lighting instruments that are durable and deliver a beautiful, strong wash of light. Our […]

PrimeTime delivers “Quiet on the Set” with LED Fresnel

GUS 51 LED Fresnel

Dallas, TX – Television studios and film sets are being upgraded with energy-saving LED light fixtures and PrimeTime delivers a quiet set without the hum of a bunch of fans. The PrimeTime GUS 51 LED Fresnel was designed from the ground up with advanced technology for high performance and to remain cool and efficient without a […]

What? A bright broadcast LED without a noisy FAN?

PrimeTime's GUS 51 LED F

Are you ready to upgrade your studio with energy-saving bright LED light fixtures, but don’t want the hum of a bunch of fans? Did you know that PrimeTime LED’s are high performing, technically innovative and DON’T NEED A FAN to remain cool and efficient? Engineers and facility managers trust PrimeTime’s durable lights because they’re bright […]

DP Stephen Hussar Documents Locomotive Restoration with Zylight

LOS ANGELES – Director of photography Stephen Hussar is fascinated by restoration projects, both the processes themselves and the motivations of the people who dedicate themselves to reconditioning pieces of the past. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that he has spent years documenting the progress of the restoration efforts on an […]

Let’s Mess With Texas Lights

PrimeTime Lighting builds top quality broadcast studio and video conference light fixtures in Dallas, Texas Dallas, TX – April 24, 2015 – Quietly based in the heart of Dallas, Texas for over twenty years, PrimeTime Lighting Systems has manufactured innovative and precisely engineered lighting systems, including LED and fluorescent luminaires for broadcast studios and video conference […]