Lights, Camera, Action! Introducing the New Polaroid RGB LED Camera and Camcorder Light System

Multiple lighting effects and optimum output power offer endless creative possibilities Edison, NJ – November 19, 2018 – The new Polaroid RGB LED camera and camcorder light offers photographers and videographers a professional, portable LED light system with powerful output for 99.00 USD. With a wide array of settings to create different moods, atmospheres, color backgrounds and special lighting […]

PrimeTime Launches Newest LED – the MSLED 40 XB2

DALLAS – July 24, 2018 – PrimeTime debuts its newest LED broadcast studio light, the wide and bright MSLED 40 XB2, a single soft-shadow light. The passively cooled LED light is engineered and built in the USA with a five-year guarantee. The MSLED series of LED luminaires are designed for standard broadcast studio grids and also […]

5 Pieces of Video Equipment YouTube Stars Need


Did you know that the first YouTube video was uploaded by YouTube Co-founder Jawed Karim, documenting his trip to the zoo? His video, ‘Me at the Zoo’, was only 18 seconds long. Fast forward now to the present day and you have videos that are 15 minutes or longer once you’ve verified your account. We’ve […]

Is it Time for an LED Upgrade to Save Broadcast Studio Energy?

PrimeTime 1SLED XB2

Is it time to upgrade your studio with energy-saving LED light fixtures? Engineers and facility managers trust PrimeTime’s high performing, technically innovative and durable lights because they’re bright and use very little power. They’re affordable, built in the USA, have a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY and don’t require a fan. 1SLED XB LED Light  It’s the […]