Dawn Of The Mocap Actor

For Oliver Hollis-Leick, Founder of MoCap Vaults, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood recognizes the specific talents of acting, directing and producing motion capture. _____ Given the rise in the use of motion capture in much of today’s feature film, television and videogame productions, if you’re a professional actor, director, producer working today […]

iPi Soft Partners With Acting/Filmmaking Education Resource The Mocap Vaults

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Recognizing the growing need for today’s professional actors, directors and producers to learn the unique challenges behind working with motion capture technology, iPi Soft, makers of the leading markerless motion capture technology iPi Motion Capture, has partnered with The Mocap Vaults, an educational resource that offers both online tutorials and live workshops […]

iPi Soft Announces Motion Capture Support for 16 USB Cameras, Four Kinect 2 Sensors and Three Actor Tracking

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – iPi Soft, LLC, today announced groundbreaking performance enhancements to iPi Motion Capture Version 3.0, the company’s advanced line of markerless motion capture technology. The latest updates include new distributed recording functionality that sets a standard for capturing synchronized video by providing up to 16 USB camera support or multiple Kinect 2 sensors […]