New Tiffen Magnetic Control System (MCS)

Magnetic Filter Mount Hauppauge, NY—June 20, 2024 –The Tiffen Company’s newest filter design is here. The Magnetic Control System (MCS) is an elegantly simple new way to harness magnetic power to swiftly and securely attach genuine Tiffen filters to lens fronts. Tiffen’s Magnetic Control System was developed to eliminate the hassle of threading filters on and […]

Andrew Tiffen Named President and COO of The Tiffen Company

Andrew Tiffen has been named President and COO of The Tiffen Company. The appointment marks 86 years and three generations of family ownership of the renowned firm specializing in the development, and manufacture of essential equipment for motion pictures, still photography and broadcasting. Andrew is preceded by his father Steven Tiffen, under whose leadership the […]

Tiffen 58mm Filter System Ready for iPhone

For the first time, Tiffen brings award-winning professional motion picture and still lens filters to the iPhone®. With the new Tiffen Smartphone 58mm Filter Mount, any user can benefit from the same trusted tools professionals count on to produce outstanding images. With seamless integration and user-friendly design, installation is immediate—no tools needed. Thanks to Apple’s MagSafe® […]

Professional Tiffen ND/Polarizer Filter Trio for DJI Osmo 3

Tiffen brings their renowned professional quality lens filters to DJI’s Osmo Pocket 3″ CMOS Gimbal camera. Each member of Tiffen’s three-filter set combines the benefits of Neutral Density (ND) and Polarization in a single glass element for more pleasing and controlled light when reducing shutter speed and to minimize unwanted glare in bright and reflective […]

New Tiffen Diffusion Filters for Magnetic Rear Holder on ARRI Signature Lenses

The Tiffen Company adds a new type of filter to their repertoire of imaging tools. For the first time, filmmakers who use Signature lenses can add their favorite Tiffen filters to the ARRI Magnetic Rear Filter Holder on each lens. Because Signature lenses feature the detachable Magnetic Rear Filter Holder, there is no change to […]

New Tiffen Blue Streak Filters

The Tiffen Company adds a new special effects filter to their renowned line of optical filters. The Blue Streak filter is designed to render a blue light ray from a point light source, creating the classic look of an anamorphic lens. Rotation of the filter allows the user to adjust the angle and direction of […]

Introducing Tiffen Domke PhoTOGS Vest

Tiffen introduces a new addition to the classic Domke lineup of gear and apparel for photographers in the field. Brought back due to popular demand, the PhoTOGS Vest is a fresh take on the wearable accessory from trusted Domke brand, known for its smart utilitarian design, durability, and versatility. The Vest is made from 100% […]

Introducing Tiffen Black Fog® and Night Fog® Filters

The Tiffen Company adds two new diffusion effects filters to their renowned line of optical filters. Paired with digital cameras, Black Fog® and Night Fog® Filters can provide a soft highlight glow reminiscent of the classic double fog cinematic look. While both Black Fog and Night Fog series offer the benefits of Tiffen’s natural-looking diffusion, these […]

Lowel Blender® XL LED 3-Light Kit Mixable Color Balance on Location Lowel Blender® XL LED softlights, known for their tunable narrow flood beam are now available in a complete three-light kit. Up to four times the brightness of traditional 1×1 panels—each compact 98 CRI/99 TLCI light may be dialed to an infinite choice of color temperatures for diverse uses. The […]

Professional Tiffen ND Filters for DJI Avata Drone Tiffen introduces the first professional light control filter kit made just for the DJI Avata drone. These lightweight filters are designed to help manage the camera aperture for ideal exposure without color shift. By offering a choice of three neutral density filters, creators can reduce light passing through the lens, resulting in more pleasing […]

Introducing Steadimate-RS™ for Ronin RS2, RS3 & RS3 Pro Convert Handheld gimbal to body-worn Steadicam®

The new Steadimate-RS™ is the 3rd generation of the Steadimate lineup, designed to improve the functionality and user experience of operating Ronin RS2, RS3 and RS3 Pro motorized gimbal stabilizers. Designed in Burbank, CA by the same engineering team behind the Steadicam® M-Series stabilizers and Volt technology, this new system enhances the capabilities of DJI’s handheld motorized gimbal by refining the camera stabilization and improving operator comfort to offer a uniquely fluid movement that is reminiscent of a traditional Steadicam sled.

Tiffen Introduces new 39mm Filter Size Tiffen, known for its renowned line of professional glass filters, is introducing 39mm round sizes to accommodate the proliferation of lenses with 39mm lens fronts for cameras from Leica and Fujifilm. The first in the lineup is Tiffen’s Black Pro-Mist®, which has long been a staple with digital cameras due to its delicate control […]

Professional Tiffen Filters for DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone  Tiffen’s 3-Filter Neutral Density Kit for the DJI Mini 3 Pro offers a simple professional method of controlling the lighting conditions while operating this popular drone. Using Tiffen’s lightweight filters helps manage the camera aperture for ideal exposure without color shift. The Tiffen Mini 3 Pro 3 Filter Kit comes complete with 3 neutral density filters […]

Tiffen Tech Day June 12, 2022

The Tiffen Company opens up its Burbank Technical Center for a Sunday of hands on demos, Tech Talks and panels including: Moving Cameras, Creativity with Filters, A Conversation with Steadicam Inventor Garrett Brown, and more.

Steadicam® Now Available in New Cost-Effective M-2 Core Kits

  Burbank California: The most integrated and adaptable Steadicam® system ever made is now available in a more affordable option with the introduction of the new M-2 Core Kits. Specially configured and priced to provide operators with an entry point into the Steadicam M-Series ecosystem, the M-2 Core Kits utilize the same lightweight components and […]