IBC 2023: Adobe unveils powerful new AI and 3D features in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, with enhanced storage capabilities in Frame.io

As members of the media and broadcast community pack their bags for the 2023 IBC Show, Adobe is proud to announce powerful new AI and 3D innovations across its family of video and audio applications. With new beta releases across Premiere Pro, After Effects and Frame.io, Adobe’s fast, reliable and intuitive toolset enables seamless collaboration for creative professionals. AI-powered […]

Tribeca film “Rule of Two Walls” cut using Adobe Premiere Pro and Frame.io

“Rule of Two Walls“ explores the powerful story of today’s Ukraine through the lens of the artists who have chosen to stay. David Gutnik, writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, known for his 2020 Tribeca film, “Materna”, brought this story to life using Premiere Pro and Frame.io. The film showcases life under the shadow of war — a […]

Fame, rock & roll: Editing a YouTube sensation using Premiere Pro and Frame.io

“Songs About ******* “ stars Marc Rebillet, a musician, comedian, and artist, known for his improvised funk and hip-hop electronic music with free flowing, humorous lyrics. Marc rose to fame through YouTube and Twitch where he cultivated a passionate community — amassing millions of followers. This documentary retraces the artist’s steps from his humble Texas upbringing […]

Editor Josh Porro uses Adobe Premiere Pro to cut Tribeca Film “Cinnamon”

Filled with intrigue, music, and heart, “Cinnamon” follows an aspiring singer, played by Tony nominee Hailey Kilgore, and a small-time crook (David Iacono) on a journey to change their lives. The noir thriller was brought to life by editor Josh Porro using Adobe Premiere Pro. This is Porro’s first feature film and since then, Porro […]

“Ron Delesner Presents”: A journey into the legendary concert promoter’s career, edited using Adobe Premiere Pro

While documentaries about music history legends tend to focus on artists themselves, “Ron Delsener Presents”, which is set to premiere at Tribeca Film Festival this year, takes a different approach by shining a spotlight on the influential concert promoter, Ron Delsener. Throughout his remarkable career spanning decades, Delsener collaborated with some of the biggest names […]

Filmmakers Choose Adobe Creative Cloud at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival

Today, Adobe is proud to announce that more than 30 films at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival chose Adobe Creative Cloud to tell their stories. Filmmakers regularly turn to Adobe’s creative tools, including Premiere Pro, Frame.io, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Substance 3D, to facilitate creative collaboration and make the editing process more efficient. Notable films from this year’s Tribeca lineup, including The Good Half, […]

Marquis Broadcast updates Postflux to include After Effects workflow

Marquis Broadcast Postflux

Platform enables facilities using both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to confidently share projects and media in extended and remote workflows Postflux is a cutting-edge platform that improves the archiving, versioning, integrity, security, performance and sharing of Adobe extended workflows. It has recently been updated to support After Effects projects in addition to Premiere […]

Magewell Enhances Video Capture and Conversion with Three New Software Tools

Magewell Bridge for NDI and Capture Express software

Free downloads provide streamlined NDI® conversion, video recording and integrated NLE video ingest with company’s popular internal and external capture devices May 29, 2019 — Nanjing, China: Magewell is continuing to add customer value to its market-leading video capture devices with the introduction of three free software tools. Magewell Bridge for NDI® enables users to […]

Red Giant Universe 3.0 is Here

Universe 3.0 boasts a powerful new Dashboard that makes it simple to explore and apply effects and presets in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects; plus five new text generation effects, presets for every tool, and the option to save your own presets Portland, OR – January 29, 2019 – Red Giant today announced Universe […]

Digital Anarchy Introduces Intelligent Metadata Search for Adobe Premiere Pro Editors at NAB 2018

PowerSearch by Digital Anarchy Enables Intelligent Metadata Search Capability in the Premiere Pro Timeline; Enables Key Word Searches to Precise Video Clips and Sequences San Francisco, CA (April 8, 2018)  –  Digital Anarchy(www.digitalanarchy.com) today announced PowerSearch, an entirely new product for Adobe Premiere Pro editors to intelligently search metadata within video clips using Google-like keyword […]

Digital Anarchy Founders Announce New Initiative to Deliver AI-Powered, Highly Adaptable Speech-to-Text Web Service at NAB 2018

Transcriptive.com Integrates Artificial Intelligence, Natural Speech Processing and Powerful Search to Deliver Transcripts Quickly, Accurately   San Francisco, CA (April 8, 2018)  –  The Digital Anarchy founders today announced an entirely new initiative to bring AI-powered speech-to-text web services to the enterprise, corporate and professional content creation markets. As a 17-year privately held company, Digital […]