LED Fresnel Engineered with Five-Year Warranty

GUS 51 LED Fresnel CU

DALLAS – April 7, 2021 – U.S.-based broadcast studio lighting manufacturer, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, builds a longer-lasting LED Fresnel than other manufacturers. Luminaires are developed with the highest engineering standards and are guaranteed five years. PrimeTime designed a passive cooling system that enhances the longevity of its commercial-grade LED Fresnel known as the GUS 51 […]

PrimeTime News Break

PrimeTime GUS 51 LED Fresnel

DALLAS – March 12, 2021 – Broadcast studio LED lights made in the USA, five-year warranty and passively cooled light engines are three features showcased by PrimeTime Lighting. “We’ve developed commercial-grade LEDs to quietly and efficiently illuminate broadcast studios and we continue to upgrade our lights. PrimeTime has been recognized for twenty-five years for engineering at […]

Light an Entire Broadcast Studio with High Quality PrimeTime LEDs without Fans

GUS 51 LED Fresnel

DALLAS – PrimeTime Lighting Systems manufactures an entire line of LED lighting instruments for broadcast studios and news interview sets. Glen Harn, CEO of PrimeTime stated, “We offer a family of LED fixtures for television broadcast studio applications. Our commercial-grade LED luminaires are powerful, extra bright and completely silent.” The high performance and durable LED […]

PrimeTime Lighting Broadcasts Unprecedented Five-Year LED Warranty

Quality proclamation transitions PrimeTime from standard two-year warranty to bold five-year warranty on LED products “We are so confident in the engineering and build quality of our LED products we have decided to extend our bumper-to-bumper warranty to a full five years on all LED instruments,” said PrimeTime Lighting Systems CEO, Glen Harn. Previously, the […]

PrimeTime Lighting Lights the Way

While it’s true that PrimeTime Lighting products have met the demands of discriminating studio lighting designers for twenty years, providing a comprehensive portfolio of cool, energy-saving, image enhancing studio, video and filmmaking LED and fluorescent lighting instruments, that hasn’t always been the case. As you can imagine, lighting is fixed in history as an integral […]