Ncam and The Foundry drive Dreamspace project for virtual production

European collaborative project creates new creative opportunities for immersive user experiences London – 07 September 2016: Project Dreamspace, a three-year European Commission-funded project seeks to explore new ways of integrating real and virtual environments, and is showcasing the results of its work as part of the IBC Future Zone. Central to the project is high precision camera […]

The Foundry launches Cara VR toolset

Nuke firm creates plug-in for 360-degree video content in virtual reality titles The Foundry has launched a new virtual reality toolset that lets devs create live-action experiences. Cara VR is a new plug-in designed to work with The Foundry’s established Nuke software, and adds tools built around compositing multi-camera footage in order to create 360-degree […]

The Foundry Previews Technology to Solve Key Challenges in Virtual and Augmented Reality Content Creation at 2015 #NABShow

With an unparalleled expertise in hardware-accelerated compositing, image stitching, high-quality rendering, color correction, motion and depth estimation, lens and camera calibration and omni-directional spherical capture, The Foundry has set its sights on the next biggest challenge in content creation: Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). At NAB 2015, the company will preview technologies that address specific […]

The Foundry Delivers NUKE Non-commercial at 2015 #NABShow

Industry Standard for VFX, Editorial and Finishing Free for Non-commercial Use It’s known in the industry as the most powerful solution for compositing, used for everything from major motion pictures, including the Oscar® winning Gravity, episodic and commercials, to immersive live action content in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). In fact, since 2008, every film […]