PrimeTime News Break

PrimeTime GUS 51 LED Fresnel

DALLAS – March 12, 2021 – Broadcast studio LED lights made in the USA, five-year warranty and passively cooled light engines are three features showcased by PrimeTime Lighting. “We’ve developed commercial-grade LEDs to quietly and efficiently illuminate broadcast studios and we continue to upgrade our lights. PrimeTime has been recognized for twenty-five years for engineering at […]

Trickbox TV Announces James Monks as Broadcast Engineer

  Trickbox TV, a leading supplier of equipment and services for studio and location multi-camera productions for broadcast, video production, webcasting and live events, has announced the appointment of James Monks as Broadcast Engineer. In his new role, Monks will be instrumental in providing the high-quality broadcast technology services that Trickbox TV’s clients expect for […]

Made in America LED Revolution.

PrimeTime 1SLED XB2

PrimeTime is revolutionizing the LED lighting industry by developing broadcast studio LED luminaires that are so well-engineered – they don’t require fans. And, they are made with American ingenuity in Dallas, TX USA. The EXTRA BRIGHT LED, the 1SLED XB2 is the new industry standard for studio lighting. It boasts an incredible output with a […]

Anglia Ruskin University goes UHD with Megahertz

London, UK – 10 January, 2017: Megahertz Ltd, the trusted partner for systems integration with years of experience in delivering cost effective, imaginative designs and solutions for fixed and mobile applications, today announced that it has upgraded Anglia Ruskin University’s SD television studio and gallery to HD, with provision for a future move to 4K. Anglia Ruskin […]

PrimeTime delivers “Quiet on the Set” with LED Fresnel

GUS 51 LED Fresnel

Dallas, TX – Television studios and film sets are being upgraded with energy-saving LED light fixtures and PrimeTime delivers a quiet set without the hum of a bunch of fans. The PrimeTime GUS 51 LED Fresnel was designed from the ground up with advanced technology for high performance and to remain cool and efficient without a […]

Is it Time for an LED Upgrade to Save Broadcast Studio Energy?

PrimeTime 1SLED XB2

Is it time to upgrade your studio with energy-saving LED light fixtures? Engineers and facility managers trust PrimeTime’s high performing, technically innovative and durable lights because they’re bright and use very little power. They’re affordable, built in the USA, have a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY and don’t require a fan. 1SLED XB LED Light  It’s the […]

Let’s Mess With Texas Lights

PrimeTime Lighting builds top quality broadcast studio and video conference light fixtures in Dallas, Texas Dallas, TX – April 24, 2015 – Quietly based in the heart of Dallas, Texas for over twenty years, PrimeTime Lighting Systems has manufactured innovative and precisely engineered lighting systems, including LED and fluorescent luminaires for broadcast studios and video conference […]