VFX Legion, A Pioneering Remote Company, Launches Full-Scale B.C. Division with Expanded Capabilities

VFX Legion open a full-scale division in British Columbia

VFX Legion, A Pioneering Remote Company, Opens B.C. Division VFX Legion, a remote boutique-style global company, has announced the opening of a full-scale division in British Columbia.  Industry veteran James David Hattin, an early proponent of the virtualization of visual effects,  launched the VFX Legion in 2013.  The forward-thinking company introduced a groundbreaking collaborative work-from-home […]

VFX Legion, A Fully Remote Company Since Inception, Expands its Preproduction Services

Working Entirely with a Home-Based Global Collective of Talent for Almost a Decade, The End-to-End Company Continues Providing Feature Films and TV Shows with Road-Tested, Streamlined Workflow, and Quality VFX as Guidelines Established for Future Production in Controlled Spaces VFX Legion, the architect of a pioneering remote pipeline with seven years’ experience working exclusively with […]