Atomos Adds Cloud- Based Editing to its Online Tools

Atomos Edit, the latest addition to Atomos Cloud Studio, is a browser-based, collaborative video editor. It lets Atomos CONNECT users clip, edit, and brand fast turnaround content for social media in the cloud, quickly and on the move. With Atomos Edit, the complete end-to-end video production process is dramatically simplified. You can upload media in […]

CONNECT to the World and the Future of Production at Adobe MAX

2022 is proving to be a landmark year for ATOMOS with the release of the new CONNECT range of products and the launch of ATOMOS Cloud Studio. The success of the new products and the opportunities they create for new workflows is unprecedented in the company’s history. The team can think of no better way […]


June 15, 2022 ATOMOS has announced ZATO CONNECT, the second fully integrated device in the CONNECT range. ZATO CONNECT represents a whole new category of product for ATOMOS that makes live streaming and high-quality video conferencing accessible to everybody. The 5-inch ZATO CONNECT has been designed to be a compact, easy-to-use gateway to ATOMOS Cloud […]