The IntelliTrac Console and TracWall by TBC Consoles

I was delighted with our official Broadcast Beat Studios Grand Opening Gala in time for the 2015 NAB

Out TBC Console order arrives!
Out TBC Console order arrives!

Show. The completion of our TBC IntelliTrac Console and the TBC TracWall behind it happened just a few weeks before our studio’s grand opening. TBC provided the perfectly engineered skeleton and framework to our completed master control room. Our Console is from the IntelliTrac line. I knew TBC Custom Consoles was an industry leader before we got our IntelliTrac Console, but as any wise person can tell you ‘knowing is not always the same as KNOWING’.

Our personalized instructions
Our personalized instructions

Getting the custom engineered parts delivered From TBC to our studio door was like Christmas and a Birthday combined. Every parcel was precisely marked, and even the directions were personalized. These guys are TOP NOTCH! The directions didn’t just show how to assemble a console and a monitor wall. It showed precisely how to put together the Broadcast Beat IntelliTrac and TracWall in the specific room we had set aside for it. TBC worked with us in advance to make sure everything was going to work and fit together easily well ahead of time. Assembling our TBC console and TracWall, was like assembling a giant erector set from the inside. Assembling the parts was, dare I say, fun! I could see the master control room in all its glory talking shape right before my eyes. It didn’t take a big toolbox full of specialized tools to put it together either.

Inside the IntelliTrac Console.

IntelliTrac Consoles are a marvel of engineering. Solid and precise, innovative and ergonomic and if that’s not enough it looks sharp too! It helps keep things neat and organized. It has vented easily removable bottom panels, and the wiring runs in an easily accessible mesh cable tray, keeping things of sight but easy to get to and service. Several features will appeal to the more technical inclined studio personnel. Steel and aluminum stanchions provide strength without being ridiculously weighty. The optional power strip provides additional power neatly and discreetly where you want it. Cable collars align neatly with wall and/or floor cuts. The design keeps things up and off the floor, allowing plenty of legroom. Its modularity allows for easy exchanges and adjustments. The features and options don’t end there. It can also sport removable rack turrets, has a rear Trac for LCD arms and more.

Without something to attach all our cutting edge monitors and gadgets to, we would be left with a very difficult to use pile of fancy machinery. Everything in the Master Control Room works together now! Our IntelliTrac console and TracWall, combined with all our components and software, created one grand and supremely functional machine, Greater than the sum of its parts.

getting it all together
getting it all together

Once we finally got our IntelliTrac Console put together in the master control room, I was delighted to see how well everything fit together, nestling exactly into the place we had set aside for it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a TBC Console, so I knew it would fit perfectly – it’s just that I felt like a great big smiley face when the last screw was snuggled down to perfection. There it was! Ready and waiting for the big stack of fun(ctional) software I had ready to pour into it. All the cutting edge components fit into it exactly, all the elements came together to form a masterpiece of broadcasting perfection.

I commandeered a suitable command chair, strategically placing it in front of our TBC Console. I sat down and moved the chair around to test everything, sliding, moving, twisting and reaching through every range of motion someone at the desk might make. When I was done with that experiment, I spread my hands across the cool surface of the console, took a deep breath and let out a happy sigh.

I flipped on the power and edited some footage. I didn’t think about it while I was working, but when I was done and saw how swiftly my task was finished, I thought about all those little scraps of time people waste working with tools that aren’t quite right. Proper positioning and placement can really speed up workflow. Modular allowances built into the unit accommodate the potential for future reconfiguration or upgrading as it becomes necessary. Even replacing the desktop can be accomplished in under a half hour.

Don’t go making adjustments willy-nilly of course; it’s best to consult with the astonishingly helpful


people at TBC first – the engineering and precise placement that goes into the TBC system for technical furniture was discovered through years of experience and work practice. TBC makes a wonderful partner in business due to its exemplary customer service. Here is a company that has not forgotten what so many other corporations sometimes seem to lose sight of; without customer service, there is no business at all.

The benefits of using TBC can even follow you when you leave work because it helps you maintain a suitable level of comfort and ease that reduces stress, thus leaving you with energy at the end of the day. I know I’ve still got my ‘get up and go’ after I spend the day in our new master control room.

The folks at TBC are experts at what they do. In Broadcast Beat Magazine’s eyes – They are the leader! We highly recommend you visit booth #C7916 at the 2015 NAB Show in Vegas, check it out! You’ll love your TBC Console, I know we love ours.

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