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Technology Tools for Online Education
Technology Tools for Online Education

Technology Tools for Online Education: New Book


Technology Tools for Online Education is a new book from the StreamGeek’s Chief Streaming Officer Paul Richards. The book comes at a time when educators from around the world are being asked to make a transition to online teaching. With the Fall 2020 semester coming up soon, the book offers educators a detailed look at the technology tools they can leverage to teach online effectively. Author Paul Richards draws on his rich knowledge of Zoom and Google Meet, along with video creation tools such as Open Broadcaster Software in order to give educators actionable strategies to make the most of their online education efforts.

Blended Learning Environments

Technology Tools for Online Education picks up where many have left off regarding the actual technology tools used to create blended learning environments. Blended learning environments are known as the new style of learning, where educators are using a hybrid approach to learning where they deliver 30-80% of content online. As educators move toward online education, it’s important for teachers to learn how to create video content for their learning management systems and course work. This book actually builds up to a full Open Broadcaster Software for teachers exercise that shows just how to use OBS for creating online video materials for education.

The Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a popular concept that explains one way to handle the move to online education. Essentially the flipped classroom brings the homework into the classroom (zoom calls currently) and allows students to digest lectures from home in the place for homework. Professionals cite benefits to students such as allowing students to learn at their own pace and being able to come to class collaboration projects better prepared. Unfortunately, many educators are unable to create engaging video content that can be used as take-home lecture materials. While great companies like Zoom are making live in-person lessons possible, it still takes “offline” video content to create a complete experience for students to learn from home.

The online course

Technology Tools for Online Education comes complete with an online course available on Udemy. This online course provides detailed tutorial videos which outline how educators can take advantage of numerous technology tools for online lessons. The book includes details for using smartphones, document cameras, webcams, live video production software, and post-production software as well. The step by step course, starts with best practices for flipping the classroom and setting up virtual class environments as it teaches educators ways to make the most of their online education time. Then the online course gives detailed instructions for using online photo editing and video making tools that teachers will love.


All of this is to say that educators need more resources like this. The book is available for free at HuddleCamHD.com/techEDU and during a special Amazon Kindle launch, the Kindle store will feature the book for free during 8/8/2020-8/12/2020.

Author Paul Richards is the host of the StreamGeeks weekly live streams which you can watch at the YouTube link here.