Tedial – Go Hard or Go Extinct

There is no doubt that a company will experience immense growth when it provides quality services that meets the satisfaction in customer expectations in an effective and efficient manner. A notable company that fits this bill is Tedial.

Because Tedial is a leading independent Media Asset Management (MAM) software developer and Media IT solutions integrator, broadcasters and global media companies worldwide rely on their unique Media IT solutions to manage their entire media workflow and to cost-effectively reach new audience on every screen.

Tedial’s solutions significantly increase both creativity and efficiency by combining multi-site media management with business-driven media workflows. The company’s proven track record enables its customers to rapidly take full advantage of file-based workflows, cloud computing and other emerging media technologies.

tedial_solutions_media_service_provider_v2_on_nov2014-01Tedial’s solutions are both vendor and hardware neutral, releasing its customers from proprietary constraints and enabling a significant increase in the return on investment from a firm’s Media IT budget.

Not only are Tedial solutions developed with the latest software technology under strict ISO 9001, they render many services. Play out and Media Service Providers (MSP’s), which have faced many additional challenges compared to even the largest multi-channel broadcasters, supply high-quality value-added media preparation and play out services, often using a shared infrastructure and adhere strictly to their clients’ business SLA’s.

Leading international Media Service Providers use Tedial solutions to enable their clients to rapidly profit from their content, channels and multi-platform distribution. The benefit of this is that it enables a multi-tenant workflow engine for multiple clients using the same IT infrastructure, with:

  • A schedule-driven workflow with direct plug-in to channel management systems using Tedial API or BXF
  • A secure workflow that segregates each tenant’s workflow and content
  • A scalable MPMIntegration Platform to manage multiple third-party technologies
  • Fast onboarding and workflow adaption using MPM Integration Platform and Ficus BPM
  • The ability to ingest any format from tape, disc and live feeds
  • Multisource file upload of digital content
  • Manual QC workflow with hi-res monitoring
  • Automatic QC workflows
  • Wide range of content enrichment workflows to add audio and subtitles for multi-channel distribution
  • Rich Metadata enhancement to drive multi-platform and online content discovery,
  • Media business reporting to streamline SLAs
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity options to manage content replication and transfer to multiple sites
  • Dashboards provide real-time information of all the on-going workflows
  • Advance risk detection, to thwart delays or errors before they become a problem

In addition, a reporting module delivers information about operation times, checks SLAs, system performance and platform capabilities, in order to optimize workflows, reduce costs and limit resource planning.

Media Exchange Platform (MEP): Tedial has taken a whole new approach to helping the many diverse players in globaltedial_solutions_media_exchange_platform_ii_v2_on_dic2014-01 media work together. Employing Tedial’s new content, producers,

broadcasters, pay-TV operators, service providers and telcos can work collaboratively on their media efficiently.

In addition, Tedial provides thousands of multi-format content exchanges required by media companies every day which is automatically managed and centrally monitored. This content is exchanged and distributed between multiple internal sites and departments such as: promos, news, sports, library, programming and traffic. Integration occurs with customers’ own local third-party PAM systems with automatic media and metadata upload and exchange.

Subscriptions are provided for each user with automated packaging and delivery workflow, thus removing unnecessary day-to-day manual metadata re-entry and re-checking tasks. Global monitoring of multiple work transfer accelerator-based on UDP or integration with other third-party products, such as Signiant, Aspera or File Catalyst helps provide an efficient content management, including multiple physical versions, audio languages, subtitles and any other ancillary information, as well as the automatic checking of additional subtitles and languages. Packaging and delivery workflows to select the media, components and destination package to be published and other advanced media services in the central repository such as housekeeping rules, multiple media repositories and efficient storage management are also performed.

Tedial’s Media IT solutions are ideally suited to enhance multi-channel play out systems required to streamline play out workflows whilst adding cost-effective packaging for OTT and non-linear distribution.

Tedial’s solutions for broadcast and media production provide a unified enterprise workflow and MAM platform with increased benefits including: Predefined workflows to integrate different systems in the content production chain, Collaborative workflows to optimize content production, Working in low-res for rough-cut and QC to maximize the use of resources and reduce costs, Avoids bottlenecks and errors in the downstream workflow by automatically transcoding and/or re-wrapping material for archive and delivery, Improved media access across the business by automatically normalizing material and metadata for archiving, Incoming production metadata can be stored and enriched for new audience driving content discovery, Automated fast turnaround packaging of material and metadata for non-linear, OTT and multi-channel play out.

TedialTM Evolution by Tedial Media is definitely the ‘happening big thing’ in the Media world right now. Tedial™ Evolution, an enhanced version of Tedial’s Media IT platform, was launched at NAB 2015 where it was named an IABM Game Changer. It’s an advanced model of Tedial’s Media IT platform that expressively opens up the functionalities of Media Asset Management (MAM) all the more. This allows video industry companies to keep their sound clips and videos in check. A retinue of media IT platform instruments such as MPM and Ficus BPM workflow instruments and also top quality Tarsys MAM and AST Hierarchical Storage Management.

The annual IBC showcase draws the eyes and attention of everyone working in the broadcasting, media, and entertainment industry. Each year, innovators in broadcasting and media technology introduce cutting-edge concepts and platforms. One of the more anticipated debuts this year is “Tedial Evolution” by Tedial.


Tedial Evolution is an updated, more robust version of Tedial’s original Media IT Platform. This media platform aims to enhance media asset management (MAM) with the end-goal of allowing studio industry professionals keep their digital media clips organized and accessible. One of the most exciting update that accompanies Tedial Evolution is the highly enhanced search functionality. Studio professionals will be able to easy search for and pinpoint files within complex, expansive libraries.

With this enhancement, Tedial Evolution has put considerable focus on creating a digital collaborative environment. They have accomplished that vision by seamlessly integrating workflows and the archive, which leads to higher efficiency and easy collaboration. Large databases are now indexed and metadata is automatically tagged. This allows users to sort through databases quickly. Furthermore, Tedial Evolution boasts a multi-level classification platform.

Another exciting change is the expanded Mediaset. Now, with Tedial Evolution, all files, media, and documents related to a particular asset can be viewed at one time, all within Mediaset. As a bonus, multiple users can work collaboratively on the same asset’s files at the same time. Even objects related to the original master asset can be accessed and explored within that same Mediaset.

Professionals will love that Tedial Evolution is totally customizable. Tools and windows can be adjusted to personal settings or asset requirements. Frequently used tools are now automatically kept on the screen for ease of accessibility. Tedial Evolution is truly multi-screen; workflows can be accessed on a computer, smart phone or laptop. Tedial Evolution also boasts multi-platform functionality, as it can be run on IOS, Android, or Windows.

Tedial Evolution has set a high bar in Media Asset Management. With a suite of new features and functionalities, the unveiling of Tedial Evolution at IBC this September is highly anticipated. This enhancement has the potential to revolutionize the way media professionals, store, catalog, and access their digital video and audio files.

The Evolution Series offers innovative control and new features, including:

  • New GUI specifically intended to speed manual as well as automated workflows
  • New Search/Indexing engine which has been outstretched to search and organize collections as well as index large databases though shared indexes. This feature also tags descriptive metadata automatically based on scoring of texts with the aid of stop words
  • True multi-screen (Tablets, Smartphones etc.) and multi-platform (Android, IOS, Windows etc.) operations; new set of tools provides a service that manages a multi-level classification schema from albums, collections to delivery packages which is based on changing and dynamic relations
  • An outspread Mediaset; any information that is related to an asset can be explored from this Mediaset view, which includes attached documents, metadata, logical versions, media files, processing orders, delivery of orders as well as an Extended Business Process Management Services to strengthen collaboration which allows various users to work with the same asset

Tedial Evolution media IT platform furnishes industry professionals, as well as broadcasters, with a complete range of very flexible systems which revolves in line with their business, conforming to their legacy systems as well as making it possible for fast and advanced updates for their business.

The GUI interface is customizable both for individual choices or work assignments, such as various metadata views as well as screen configurations, including an integrated activity monitor and also unified display of archives, business processes and workflows. The interface also showcases a logging board with different shortcuts for actions as well as actors, specially made for live and sports events.

Inside the Media Asset Management (MAM) is also a better media player with audio waveforms, thumbnails as well as locators revealed in the timeline.

That’s not the last of it. The Tedial Evolution IT Media platform has also embraced the IMF standard. Tedial has enforced the IMF schema inside its MAM and systems workflow, including the AMWA FIMS AS-11 specifications. Tedial also supports the SPMTE standards of MXF, BXF and AXF and the BPMN 2.0 Notation standard for enhanced interoperability.

Go Hard or Go Extinct!

Are you an IT Media Professional? You have to ‘Go Hard’ with the Tedial’s MAM and IT platform solutions or ‘Go Extinct!’ Hear it from Jay Batista, the general manager, United States operations: “Since 2001, Tedial’s MAM and media IT solutions have helped broadcasters and media companies improve efficiency, enhance productivity and optimize creativity. Tedial Evolution provides a business platform that marries logistics planning and media preparation into a complete supply chain, enabling customers to grow their businesses even as the business of media consumption evolves at an unprecedented speed.” So, go the smart way with Tedial Evolution IT media platform.

From all indications, the Tedial Media Company is going above and beyond with this new advanced Tedial Evolution IT media platform. It’s just the right platform for the media industry professional that wants to achieve great results. In fact, the more you look at it, the more you realize the reason why smart media industry professional have to choose Tedial. They have more than 14 years relevant experience as well as over 100 affiliates worldwide. Their already tested and trusted track records make it possible for media industry professionals to choose Tedial, taking complete advantage of the file based work-flows, and other technologies that comes minimal and maximal benefits.

Choose to work the smart way by utilizing the cool features of the new Tedial Evolution IT media platform. You cannot go wrong with it – Tedial really knows its turf and you have to ‘go with them or go extinct!’

About Tedial

Tedial provides software based content and content management business solutions that maximize operational efficiency and profitability to broadcast and other media organizations. Tedial has over ten years’ experience and has grown to over 80 people; our proven track record enables broadcasters to take full advantage of file-based workflows, cloud computing and other technologies with minimum risk and maximum benefits. Tedial’s solutions are vendor and hardware independent, releasing customers from proprietary constraints and enabling them to significantly increase productivity and return on investment. Tedial is a global company with over 50 high-profile reference sites around the world, including some of the most complex and largest MAM systems in the broadcast industry. Tedial’s unique media management solutions have helped over 50 broadcasters and media companies worldwide to increase creativity and improve efficiency throughout their media workflows. For more information, please visit

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