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Sometimes, a company exists with a spectacular and dynamic product line that needs to have a little more attention drawn to it due to its high-caliber creations.  Tedial is one of those companies!  Consider this:

A dramatic shift in technology over the past decade has transitioned our hardware-based Media industry to one with an IT-centric infrastructure. If you are like most broadcasters, you purchased a Media Asset Management (MAM), or library tool, at the beginning of this century to support the new formats and storage options, and also deal with new user-demands. As the broadcast industry evolves legacy MAM systems strain to support the significant production and financial opportunities that have become available with the advent of increasingly sophisticated content storage, management and delivery systems.

Adding work order systems like Xytech products to our MAMs enabled us to extend its operations and integrations, but today even simple librariesproducts-diagram.png have grown into massive integrated systems with complicated requirements, including: outside vendor access, extended archive tools, integration with editing systems, multiple internal and external tenants on the system, security requirements, management dashboards, urgent issue escalation procedures and automated workflows. Customers have even asked for virtual MAMs at remote locations, sometimes on an ad hoc basis. And behind it all lurks the promise of a low cost “in the cloud” infrastructure.

The question begs: How are you positioning your media factory to maximize the benefits of cloud storage and workflows while protecting your initial investment and accommodating your company’s ever increasing demands?

No matter the size of your organization, few of us can afford a “forklift upgrade” of systems and services. The key to maximizing your MAM architecture is to adopt world leading Media IT tools that support growth and allow you to build on your current system as your operations grow. That’s Tedial’s design philosophy and the foundation of the Company’s widespread success.

Tedial focuses on making your MAM work for you, no matter how complex your media management challenges. The Company’s suite of Media IT tools support multi-site, multi-tenant enterprise MAM systems and end-to-end business process workflows. With 13 years of experience addressing the world’s largest network challenges, Tedial has helped broadcast companies integratfacilities-side-pic2e their operations workflows into true, end-to-end business processes with reliable management oversight.

Most important, Tedial is invested in their customers’ growth. The Company fully recognizes that a workflow or third-party tool may change tomorrow, next week or next year, and has developed workflow designs and tools to facilitate an easy adaptation. Their expert and skilled team provides you and your staff with the highest level of support and training so you can add new workflows, integrate or replace products in your systems, or extend your database model without costly returns to the factory for every adjustment. The Tedial user interfaces are browser-based (compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) and are extremely operator-friendly, even with powerful security features. Tedial’s tools have enabled broadcast organizations to build and deploy thousands of automated workflows to address ever-expanding OTT and VOD requirements, without the need of software engineers, and this directly impacts your bottom line.

MAM’s have been around for years, so what makes Tedial different?

  • Tedial focuses on open standards and commodity based IT infrastructure, with designs architected to ensure integration to new and future technologies as they become available;
  • Tedial is the pioneer and current world leader of multi-site MAM library operations;
  • Tedial is the recognized Leader for MAM driven business-centric workflow solutions (especially automated workflow systems); and
  • Tedial has proven expertise in the overlay, re-use, migration and replacement of legacy MAM and Archive systems.

Tedial products are independent modules designed to work together seamlessly to provide true business process systems. Their ability to integrate with third party applications and systems allows Tedial to implement workflows spanning all the systems and technologies of a typical heterogeneous facility. While the TARSYS MAM system is the core of their product line, they have also developed ancillary systems that integrate with other vendors’ solutions to provide customers with the best possible application to employ their current technologies.

Tedial’s suite of products can be configured to meet each client’s unique requirements. The following products are some examples of those that can be combined to provide custom solutions:TD-Tarsys-panel-over

  • Tarsys – Tedial’s Media Asset Management (MAM) system frame accurately manages multiple formats of media content in high and low resolution associated to the same clip and has the latest functionalities in search capabilities, media handling and metadata management. Using object-based management technology, Tarsys natively supports multi-site and multi-repository operations for the creation of dedicated database models for special events or areas of your organization.
  • Tedial Client – a web-based client including smart browsing in low resolution featuring frame accurate cut editing using low resolution and offering centralized workspaces for collaborative work between users to share EDLs, seTD-AST-panel-overarches, MAM content, etc.
  • AST – Tedial’s Hierarchical Storage Management System (HSM) renders the concept of ‘near online and deep archive’ obsolete by automatically keeping all the media required by the MAM, Traffic and Automation systems in disk storage according to a user-definable “look ahead.” Supporting interfaces to many leading storage systems like Harmonic, Front Porch and Amazon Glacier, AST implements partial restore of multi-format media files by being seamlessly integrated into Tedial’s powerful MPM system.
  • MPM – Tedial’s powerful application provides a dual role: media workflowautomation and enterprise-level integration platform.TD-MPM-panel-over A true middle layer integrating all the third-party systems and technologies of a typical broadcast facility such as video servers, traffic, play-out automation, subtitling devices, automatic QC, etc., MPM ensures that media and metadata flow freely. And because of the tight integration of Tarsys MAM with MPM, the media becomes “workflow aware,” rendering it nearly impossible for a user to search, select and employ a version of media still in process somewhere else in your factory.

MPM has a large portfolio of integrated systems in continuous evolution and not limited to commercial products, as in-house developed systems can also be integrated.

  • Ficus –Tedial’s Business Process Management System (BPM) TD-Ficus-panel-overtool, the most proven and mature in the broadcast industry. Ficus allows the definition, tracking and execution of workflows involving media assets by systemizing the productive processes under business rule control. It produces work orders for operators and, thanks to tight integration with Tarsys MAM and MPM, Ficus is able to automatically ensure that media and associated metadata are available when and where needed, plus available resources are used in the most optimal way. Ficus workflows are defined using standard BPM Notation 2.0 that ensures interoperability and processes standardization.

Tedial employs over 80 people including 5 fulltime staff in North America and has earned a reputation for high quality, reliable installations and solid 24X7X365 support. The Company’s systems are found in broadcast companies and television groups, governments, hospitals and Internet media companies around the world, including organizations such as Ericsson Broadcast Services and Televisa.

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