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Tedial’s Media Logistics Platform Drives Media Asset Management to a Whole New Level

Like every other technology breakthrough in broadcast, Media Asset Management (MAM) systems were amazing, remarkable, astounding tools. Until they weren’t. The MAMs of the mid-2000s provided systems to find, organize and monetize assets hiding in archives as the business of producing, packaging and selling digital media evolved. Wrapping workflow engines around an old library system doesn’t address the system flaws. Far more sophisticated and varied processes are now necessary to keep pace with the complexity and volume of data resulting from the explosion of channels and viewing choices in today’s broadcast universe.

To address these ever changing demands, smart media professionals are seeking a new paradigm in operations, a business process that marries logistics and media preparation into a complete supply chain. Strategically minded companies are recognizing that future growth and profitability depend on building a modern MEDIA LOGISTICS PLATFORM.

Discover Tedial Evolution™

Tedial, the world’s leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has taken media management to a whole new level with the introduction of Tedial EvolutionTHE next generation MAM that provides a tightly unified platform to manage end-to-end media processes. Built as a modern workflow engine with a world class MAM tightly coupled to it, media becomes always “workflow aware.” Tedial Evolution is comprised of a suite of scalable and flexible Media IT software modules that can be used to build media logistics platforms and automate media preparation, movement and distribution – both internally and externally.

Tedial Evolution targets true enterprise systems by managing multiple, disparate locations, libraries, and even tenants, with an unlimited amount of active users and workflows per hour. Successful applications include hub production/distribution systems, International versioning systems, scalable enterprise media preparation, archive management across hundreds of locations, and broadcast play-out operations for multi-channel operations.

Tedial Evolution’s core platform sets it apart from other solutions with an orchestration layer for workflow that the company’s flagship MAM “plugs” into, making the Media files workflow “aware” of their status in various processes. The MAM is browser agnostic (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and it is HTML 5.0 so it can push workflows (such as approvals and reviews) to tablets and smartphones.

Separate from the workflow integration layer is the Business Process Layer which complies with the industry standard BPMN 2.0 specs, and allows the user administration to configure human work processes that are connected to the underlying media processing and vendor product integrations (making it really easy to change a product and leave the user operations entirely intact). A hierarchical storage management tool allows access to archives and storage including tape, optical and cloud systems.

Tedial’s platform has also gained tremendous success with its ability to automate repetitive international versioning processes. Episodic programs are marked once for graphic changes, audio/language substitutions, new subtitles and captions, and are automatically quality control reviewed, and then ready to be distributed many more times! The company works with clients to design and implement automated processes to streamline repetitive operations, customize dashboards and reports, and supply all the data to a data warehouse for deep ROI analysis with open database reporting tools. And in many systems, Tedial can wrap IT solutions around existing infrastructure to protect the legacy investment and systems while providing a scalable and flexible platform for growth and adaptation.

Tedial maintains a practice of compliancy with SMPTE and IT open standards in an effort to protect the future interoperability of its software, as well as ensure that it is flexible and scalable. The company encourages users to train their staff to perform changes and updates, and has a certification course for those clients who want to build their own workflows and personally manage their operation’s growth. The data model is easy to adjust, and an administrator can add a new metadata field and index it, placing it on a user form in less than 10 minutes.

Tedial EvolutionTM can interface MAM metadata to Rights Management systems via Web services API or BXF interfaces. The system is not a rights management tool, however by building this interface, it can make the version of media “rights aware” including the elemental rights such as music or notations of product placements that “time out” for later usage. The MAM also has it’s unique concept of “MediaSet” which is a registry of all the versions of a particular essence including both physical and logical versions of the media, and all associated files such as language translations, captions, JPEGs, documents, clip art, etc.—This function can be used to correlate metadata and versions from different parts of an extended operation and DAM systems, too. And as the MAM is a true Object Relational Database, it can manage collections and entities that span other collections and entities, making cross channel and brand projects a breeze!

Visit Tedial at NAB in Booth N 1937 and find out why Smart Media Professionals choose Tedial.

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