Telestream and NPAW offer advanced integration of video network and client analytics

Westwood, MA and Barcelona, ESP, June 29th, 2021 –  Telestream, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement solutions for the production and distribution of video and NPAW (Nice People At Work), the big data and video intelligence company helping video services drive performance and maximize revenue, today announced an advanced integration between NPAW’s Youbora™ and Telestream’s IQ Video Quality Assurance Solution.

This advanced integration allows Broadcasters, Content Aggregators, Direct to Consumer, and Video Service Providers to leverage Telestream IQ and Youbora systems to monitor and quickly respond to issues arising in video processing and distribution paths to assure quality delivery and reduce subscriber issues.

The combined solution allows Operations, Business and Support Teams to perform rapid root-cause and impact analysis from content creation through consumption. It allows the video service provider to pinpoint affected users to focus on the most impactful service errors, minimizing downtime, customer and revenue impact through much more efficient fault isolation and resolution.

“This advanced integration provides real time actionable insights along with the health of the entire delivery chain each and every minute,” says Ferran G. Vilaró, NPAW CEO and Co-founder.  “The ability to combine and overlay data from Telestream’s Video Management System with NPAW’s Youbora client analytics provides unprecedented visibility into the root cause of audience and revenue-impacting events.”

Telestream’s iVMS correlates program information, aggregates alerts, and enables faster diagnostics from the video head-end ingest through to the CDN edge and can pull client analytics data across from Youbora to see how viewership of that channel was impacted by head-end or network-level events.  Conversely, Youbora can pull data across from the iVMS to overlay alarms and graphically trend video network data alongside client QoE and behavioral analytics to show root cause of client behavior when a QoE-impacting event occurs.

“The Telestream Video Management System enables dramatic operational efficiency by gathering monitoring data from points across the network, and translating that information into visibility, insight and actionable intelligence,” says Calvin Harrison, General Manager IQ Business at Telestream. “Having the ability to correlate with the actual audience data enables a new level of operational and revenue efficiency for video service providers.”

As hybrid on-premise and cloud video delivery architectures become more and more prevalent, having this combination of correlated data is essential. With the advent of on-demand, scalable services for live and video-on-demand, the operational visibility of these services needs to evolve, including the ability to track advertising markers across the delivery chain. Having this visibility provides business intelligence to lower overall cost by increasing efficiency, maximizing revenue, and by ensuring great quality, enforcing compliance, and ensuring brand strength.

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