Telestream Responds to Market Dynamics with Launch of Lightspeed Live C4

Nevada City, California, November 23, 2020Telestream, a leading provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement solutions for the production and distribution of video, has announced the launch of a new, more powerful eight-SDI-channel version of Lightspeed Live. The server system includes robust support for IP inputs, and builds on the company’s introduction of an entry level dual-channel version this summer.

The addition of a third model within Telestream’s Lightspeed Live family increases customer choice and empowers greater flexibility when addressing various applications and budgets. The new model enables remote content capture and production workflows – something that many users request in response to the current pandemic.

The Lightspeed Live C4 server has up to 50 percent more encoding and processing power when compared to the current C3 server and is capable of running Telestream’s pioneering Live Capture and Live Stream applications simultaneously across up to eight SDI channels and IP inputs of live video data.

This new live capture and streaming powerhouse addresses a diversity of market applications. Lightspeed Live Capture is designed to meet the needs of production and post production teams, focused on editing and archiving content from a live feed. For these applications, the introduction of Lightspeed Live C4 offers the highest level of performance for capturing SD, HD or UHD/4K media. Live Capture C4 supports capturing from eight concurrent SD/3G-HD SDI inputs or two concurrent 4K/UHD inputs, or from several Transport/RTMP IP inputs. Live Capture C4 records in multiple video formats, including AVC-Intra, XAVC-Intra Class 100/300/480 and many more, all while simultaneously creating H.264/AVC proxy files, and storing them to a large local media RAID or to external shared storage such as a NAS or SAN.

At the same time, Lightspeed Live C4 supports Telestream’s Live Stream application, which targets live and on-demand streaming event producers and others involved in stream encoding for OTT distribution. The product of an intensive development initiative within Telestream, Lightspeed Live C4 sets new standards in UHD ABR encoding, high channel count and deep ABR ladder support – equating to more ABR encoding streams for more granular player choices in response to bandwidth fluctuation.

“Lightspeed Live C4 represents state of the art in live broadcast production. Importantly, it has the best capacity for combined Live Capture and Live Stream use cases – up to 50 percent higher than its C3 sibling,” comments Scott Matics, Senior Director of Product Management at Telestream. “The most powerful member of the Lightspeed Live family, Lightspeed Live C4 retains the core capability of supporting dual, redundant, synchronized streaming content delivery to CDN’s in order to maximize uptime. If delivery is disrupted, there is always a synchronized, backup stream for recovery purposes.

“If your business operations rely on large scale, super high quality live capture and streaming then Lightspeed Live C4 is a ‘must have’ for your team. If functionality such as 8x 3G-SDI I/O​; 8x HD up to 60p​ (XAVC & AVC Intra, ProRes, DNxHD/HR​) and 2x UHD/4K up to 60p​ (XAVC Class 300/480, DNxHR HQX, ProRes HQ, x264, x265​) is key to your business, all with the renowned Telestream support rolled in then look no further,” concluded Scott Matics.

Lightspeed Live C4 is available now. For more product information, pricing options and sales contacts, go to .

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