Televisa Internacional Launches Third-Generation File-Transfer Network Based on Thomson Video Networks’ Ingest and Playout Solution

Server-to-Server Televisa Internacional (SSTI) 

RENNES, France — April 13, 2015 — Televisa, Latin America’s largest media enterprise, has chosen Thomson Video Networks’ playout solution to drive, via satellite, a server-to-server file transfer of video contribution feeds from Televisa Internacional (SSTI). Thomson Video Networks’ MPEG stream server works in concert with FTP-over-satellite equipment from KenCast to extend the reach of the SSTI MPEG video file delivery system to remote stations.

“Thomson Video Networks is a highly valued partner, and we chose their technology for a satellite-based server-to-server file transfer solution for TV stations,” said William Aguirre Ballesteros, general director of satellite operations at Televisa. With the latest version, we’re leveraging the versatility and reliability of Thomson Video Networks’ MPEG video server and the performance of the KenCast file delivery solution to provide contribution feeds to the stations.”

Thomson Video Networks’ MPEG stream server is a unique channel-in-a-box solution that provides all the functions needed to ingest, process, brand, and play out digital SD and HDTV channels over ASI or IP networks. This includes advanced capture, playout, and regionalization capabilities, as well as frame-accurate operation with MPEG-2 and H.264 compressed content. For the newest version of SSTI, Thomson’s video servers are installed at remote Televisa receive sites and work in conjunction with the KenCast solution to facilitate MPEG file delivery and playout.

“When it was first launched in 2003, SSTI was a bold and groundbreaking approach to file distribution and playout — and Televisa has continued to improve the system’s efficiency and capacity over the past decade,” said Mark Renfroe, vice president and managing director, Americas, Thomson Video Networks. “The latest generation of SSTI is a showcase in advanced file distribution and playout technologies, including innovations such as KenCast’s patented FEC, a brand-new, state-of-the-art IP-over-satellite link, and our unique frame-accurate MPEG playout capabilities. Through our ongoing partnership, we’ve been privileged to help Televisa continue to advance the state of the art in broadcast-ready video file delivery solutions that are equally at home in remote TV stations and central production facilities.”

Thomson Video Networks’ solutions are being showcased at the 2015 NAB show on booth SU2610. KenCast is at the 2015 NAB show, on booth SU6702.

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About Grupo Televisa
Televisa is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world based on its market capitalization and a major participant in the international entertainment business. It operates four broadcast channels in Mexico City, produces and distributes 25 pay-TV brands for distribution in Mexico and the rest of the world, and exports its programs and formats to the U.S. through Univision Communications Inc. (“Univision”) and to other television networks in over 50 countries.

Televisa is also an active participant in Mexico’s telecommunications industry. It has a majority interest in Sky, a leading direct-to-home satellite television system operating in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Central America. Televisa also participates in Mexico’s telecommunications industry in many regions of the country where it offers video, voice, and broadband services.

Televisa also has interests in magazine publishing and distribution, radio production and broadcasting, professional sports and live entertainment, feature-film production and distribution, the operation of a horizontal Internet portal, and gaming.

In the United States, Televisa has equity and debentures that, upon conversion and subject to any necessary approval from the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) in the United States, will represent approximately 38% on a fully diluted, as-converted basis of the equity capital in Broadcasting Media Partners, Inc. (“BMP”), the controlling company of Univision, the leading media company serving the United States Hispanic market.

About Thomson Video Networks
A global leader in advanced video compression solutions, Thomson Video Networks empowers media companies, video service providers, and broadcasters to deliver superior video quality at the highest density and lowest bandwidth for contribution, terrestrial, satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT services. Through its innovative Behind Every Screen(R) approach, Thomson Video Networks combines both on-premises and cloud-based resources to create an all-encompassing video infrastructure for its advanced ingest/playout, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding, and packaging technologies. Media enterprises now have every key capability they need to raise video quality and reduce cost of ownership not just for broadcast, but also for multi-screen services on every device and platform. Behind Every Screen you’ll find Thomson Video Networks. Visit

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