Telsat Presents Innovative Broadcast Smart Platform


The 2020 NAB Show is closely approaching, and attendees are in for a treat with the Telesat exhibit and the company’s presentation of its Broadcast Smart Platform. Telesat’s Broadcast Smart Platform (BSP) is the most compact solution that allows to have all the functionalities of a DTV or FM broadcasting site in a single, mast-mounted, small-sized weather-proof enclosure for Outdoor use.

Much lower power consumption, very low electromagnetic pollution, quick & easy installation by a technician are the key features, which make the BSP the brand-new frontier for broadcasting signals coverage. The technology allows to create totally self-sufficient transmission sites, by using mono-directional satellite distribution, which can also be powered by alternative energy sources, such as solar panels and/or batteries.

The cell-based network-model allows to cover any critical territory in a smart topology way, by transmitting the signal at the critical areas, using low-power transmitters and avoiding power and unnecessary higher cost to cover unwanted areas. Moreover, it also allows scalable investments, where the ROI would be impossible to achieve with the traditional business model.


The Key Features of the BSP:

  • A complete turnkey platform by a single provider
  • An innovative technology designed to optimize costs and performances, compatible with the current standards.
  • A flexible and adaptable solutions that can satisfy any specific Outdoor Broadcasting requirement
  • A proven and complete Network Management Software package is included with the BSP product


About Telesat



“A World for Telecommunications” is the right definition for this company, which is present in the international market since 1998. TELSAT operates in the American territory through its official representative Telsat-USA LLC, incorporated in 2019 ( The mission of Telsat-USA is to support TELSAT s.r.l., which sells/distributes DTV Transmitters, FM Transmitters and high-quality accessories, by some of the best manufacturers in the broadcast world (for example Commscope-Andrew, Spinner and Kathrein). DTV Transmitters are the SERIES 5000, manufactured by the famous German PLISCH GmbH (65 years of History), having Telsat as shareholder with the same CEO. FM Transmitters are the MARKONI, manufactured by Telsat itself and comprised of MKRT models, with a range of 50 W to 40 kW, available in single drive, dual drive or N+1 configuration for the maximum redundancy level.

TELSAT completes its offer with a brilliant Technical Department able to manage strategic activities as Station Engineering, Complex Area Coverage Analysis, Network Planning, Design, Realization of Radio and TV Antenna Systems and Highly Specialized Technical Support for Installation, Assistance and Training. This year Telsat presents its innovative solution for a New Generation of Broadcasting Networks: The Broadcast Smart Platform (BSP), which allows to have a complete portable broadcasting site in one single mast-mounted unit. Discover this New Solution at Telsat booth!!!


Visit Telesat during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # N6825.

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