Teradek Announces Smaller, More Robust Built-in Antennas for Bolt 6 750

Irvine, CA, April 13, 2024 — Teradek, the industry leader in wireless video transmitters and receivers, announced today the launch of new Bolt 6 LT 750 and Bolt 6 Monitor Module 750 RX with Internal Antennas.

“Our customers have been asking for tougher and more compact Bolt 6 antennas for the most rugged production applications,” explains Colin McDonald, Product Manager of Cine Products at Teradek. “The Teradek Engineering team has delivered. Bolt 6 can now be purchased with a durable antenna which is securely integrated into the chassis, minimizing its profile while maintaining the same industry-leading wireless connectivity and 6GHz capabilities of all our other Bolt 6 systems.”

Purchasers of Bolt 6 LT, TX, or RX, and Bolt 6 Monitor Module RX will be able to select built-in internal antennas as a configuration option, allowing for more rugged, compact camera or monitor builds and safeguarding against broken or misaligned antennas. Bolt 6 Internal Antenna TXs can be mounted to gimbals, drones, or handheld cameras for more streamlined builds. Bolt 6 Internal Antenna RXs can be mounted to director’s monitors or other monitoring solutions in order to avoid breaking antennas. Internal antennas will be permanently integrated into each unit and will have a range of 750 feet. They are fully cross-compatible with all previous Bolt 4K (in 5GHz mode) and Bolt 6 products (in 5GHz or 6GHz modes). The internal antenna models will be available for purchase as a 1:1 TX/RX kit and as individual TX or RX add-ons. They are also compatible with Bolt 6 Color Bands for identifying camera pairings.

Integrated internal antenna Bolts will be available soon. They will be priced the same as their external antenna counterparts.

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