Teradek Launches the Bolt 4K Monitor Module Family: SmallHD-Integrated Wireless Video with Built-In Camera Control

Finally, Unlock Wireless Camera Control

Teradek Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX

Irvine, CA — Teradek launches the Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX, a new member of the Bolt 4K Monitor Module family. This new SmallHD-integrated Bolt 4K system also unlocks an exciting new feature – built-in wireless camera control. Now users can take control of their ARRI camera from up to 750 feet away. Additionally, 1500-ft TX/RX models and RED® Komodo™ & DSMC2® wireless control are coming later this summer.

“The launch of the Monitor Module TX is the culmination of a multi-year R&D effort to completely overhaul our Bolt wireless ecosystem based around our new 4K Chipset,” said Greg Smokler, GM of Cine Products at Creative Solutions. “The Bolt 4K Monitor Modules are a breakthrough in simplifying on-set workflows. For the first time, we’re announcing a revolutionary new feature: wireless camera control.”

Teradek Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX

The Bolt 4K Monitor Module seamlessly integrates into any SmallHD Smart 7 Monitor which unifies the power source, mounting point, and cabling into one thinner, lighter assembly. Bolt 4K Monitor Modules also bring wireless camera control to both the SmallHD and Bolt 4K line of products, allowing camera teams to effortlessly control the camera from anywhere on set –- eliminating extra devices and cumbersome remote systems.

The combination of a Bolt 4K Monitor Module RX attached to a Smart 7 monitor equipped with  a camera-control license, allows Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX users to access supported camera functions wirelessly. The result is easier access to controls, 4Kp30 wireless video, and up to 750 feet of range. Powered by Teradek’s award-winning BB3 chipset, the Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX is fully compatible with the entire Bolt 4K series of products. An added bonus is that existing users of SmallHD’s camera control software can take advantage of the new wireless functionality at no additional charge, via an upcoming firmware update, as long as they are using their monitors with a Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX/RX set.

Teradek Bolt 4K Monitor Module TX

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