The ABC’s of VDESK with Rush & Ryan

If you haven’t seen VDESK in action, then you are truly missing out on both the phenomenal product that is VDESK, and all of the amazing control that VDESK allows!

VDesk ControlDrag and drop – that’s one of the greatest features of VDESK! The entire control panel that appears on your monitor is composed of little “modules” each with its own set of functions.

The system boasts 8 or 12 HD/SD-SDI inputs for the VDESK; ISO capture of inputs is available, as well, with format-able streaming and recording, Multi-layer DSK, Dual-Clip Players, Pip and Chroma Keys, Full motion overlays and the ability to perform easy transitions and effects – all part of the Producer’s Interface in this cutting-edge product. This invaluable feature to the product’s already burgeoning cleverness allows almost anyone to manipulate cameras and edit and stream… this is way cool.

Camera control is accomplished with a combination of the Producer’s Interface and a joystick to operate the PTZ cameras. 9 Preset uses are available for each camera (plus manual control).

The PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Camera Control module can communicate with your Sony, Panasonic, and Canon cameras, VDESK_CamControlusing RS-232, RS 422, RS-485 as well as IP protocol. Along with its ability to store presets, “lower third” titles can be linked to those presets, allowing instant access of the overlays for live meetings and events. Again, it’s all done through the drag-and-drop function ability! VDESK’s exclusive DoubleTake™ PTZ control maps preset coordinates from a primary camera to a secondary side by side or ‘clone’camera that has a calculator offset for different lens positions, literally providing an unlimited number of overlapping presets!

With the producer interface, you can either operate the cameras from the view screen or mix the use of the remote cams with additional camera operators. On screen icons can be used to represent the talent, which is easily replaced with a picture of the actor, if you wish. Once you have your icon, you can set your cameras to the place in your venue that they occupy; after that, you have the option of simply taping the icon to turn the cameras to the person they represent. The readjustment of the cameras to this new view usually takes about a second or less. By using the Producer’s Interface, the user could replace an entire broadcast crew. The program lends itself to creativity and offers a vast array of options.

VDESK_DSKThe Down Stream Keyer displays lower-third and full-screen graphics in its native PNG format, but also JPG and BMP formats, if desired. It works, quite simply, just as it’s described: “When you select a graphic in either the File Browser or a Playlist, it immediately appears in the PREVIEW window of the DSK. Cut the graphic onto the PROGRAM output by clicking TAKE TO AIR, or fade it on with the AUTO TO AIR button.” Just click and select… it doesn’t get easier than that!

VDESK_PlaylistThe software lends itself to a smooth workflow; you can browse through your files with either a text or icon view. Initially, there are default folders for CGs, PICs, and CLIPs. Searches are simple – you can make a multitude of playlists, and reorder them; reordering the file listings is simple drag and drop, so you can easily customize them simply to your workstyle. The operator can easily switch back and forth between the traditional interface and the new producer interface. The producer interface has a number of basic venue layouts to choose from, but if your company has a recurring venue that isn’t included with the basic program, RUSHWORKS will gladly add your customized venue to the program.

The recording and monitoring module is right there, as well. Speaking of simplicity, for recording: “Select the format,VDESK_Record enter a Project Name, and utilize the convenient auto-naming function to create an appropriate file name. Just click the RECORD button to start recording. Press STOP to end the recording. Press STREAM to start streaming.” Playback and record in popular formats: MPEG-2, H.264, AVI and QuickTime.

RUSHWORKS’ own Rush Beesley takes to the airwaves and explains his VDESK product in a video interview he and I had recently. Watch as we take VDESK through its paces and demonstrate what a comprehensive control interface it truly is! You can check it out below:

Rush really makes it look easy, doesn’t he? But that’s the thing – it just doesn’t look easy – it is easy!VDESK_FileBrowser

No matter which way you cut it, RUSHWORKS’ VDESK gives you the ultimate in control interface technology. The very first time you see it, you instantly love it; when you use it, you wonder how you got along without it! Check out RUSHWORKS and their many fine products that change your control room duties from a chore to a dream on their website at:


RUSHWORKS was founded in 2000 by Rush Beesley, a technology pioneer since the early 1970s. Having been a creator of – and participant in – a broad range of production and automation technology solutions, his ‘mongrel pedigree’ is uniquely suited for the company’s branding as a provider of integrated media solutions. RUSHWORKS provides INTEGRATED MEDIA SOLUTIONS that increase PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITABILITY, and RETURN-ON-INVESTMENT.  As technology evolves, they embrace and adopt appropriate new directions, and continue to offer the best possible price/performance value solutions … with sustained Customer Support of the highest possible caliber. See more at:

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