The Ark expands with Emotion Systems’ eFF

Emotion Systems has announced that The Ark, one of London’s leading post production facilities, has ordered a second Emotion File Finish (eFF) software application to automatically analyse and correct audio loudness violations in file-based media in order to meet delivery specifications such as those established by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP).

Established in 2002, The Ark has recently expanded to a second facility in London’s Royal College Street where amongst other professional services it finishes program content for broadcast and corporate clients all over the world.

The DPP sets technical standards and gives guidance to UK broadcast, production and post production companies on how to meet delivery specifications, including compliance with the EBU R128 Audio Loudness specification in the UK.

However, The Ark delivers content worldwide, including regions where differing loudness standards must be adhered to, including the CALM Act (US) and OP59 (Australia).

David Carstairs, technical consultant to The Ark, said, “The Ark already has a QC system for file-based media, but it still prefers to use the eFF software in parallel for file analysis and loudness correction. It’s easier to use, more flexible and comprehensive in its analysis and corrections capabilities.”

This means that The Ark can automatically analyse and correct file-based media to ensure it complies, not just for the market in which is intended, but for any market in which the need to meet certain delivery specifications or loudness parameters much be met.

MC Patel, CEO of Emotion Systems said, “We are seeing rapidly accelerating growth in the use of eFF as the UK gears up for DPP-compliant file delivery and we are pleased that The Ark continues to expand its implementation of eFF in its facilities”.

Carstairs added, “Pretty much everything that The Ark now finishes requires that it comply with one or more of the major market delivery and/or loudness specifications, which is why eFF is so valuable to us. It’s important to have an audio tool that can be set to correct automatically to international specifications with no manual intervention, which enables throughput to occur at a much higher rate. For that reason alone, eFF has become an invaluable tool”.

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