The Foundry launches Cara VR toolset

Nuke firm creates plug-in for 360-degree video content in virtual reality titles

The Foundry has launched a new virtual reality toolset that lets devs create live-action experiences.

Cara VR is a new plug-in designed to work with The Foundry’s established Nuke software, and adds tools built around compositing multi-camera footage in order to create 360-degree videos.

Tools include stitching, enabling artists to plan the physical layout of the cameras and calculate their focal length, and the ability to make plate corrections so they can match exposure and colour balance between cameras.

Devs will also be able to stabilise footage in order to prevent motion sickness, and review their work via the Oculus Rift headset.

Cara VR is now in public beta, with plans to make it available to buy over the next few months. It is available to all Nuke licensors, as well as anyone who downloads the trial version of Nuke.

Chief product officer Andy Whitmore said: “Virtual reality presents an exciting challenge for us and for the industry. In order to make sure we developed tools that actually helped our customers tackle that challenge, we worked in close collaboration with them to understand their requirements and the challenges they face in working with this new medium.

“Our customers were already using Nuke on VR projects, but Cara VR streamlines those workflows, making high-quality VR content creation faster and easier without leaving the Nuke environment.”

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