The Greyscalegorilla Blowout Year End Sale is Coming Dec. 6th – Mark Your Calendar Today

As holiday sales inundate screens and digital mailboxes, Greyscalegorilla is gearing up for its blowout Year End Sale, taking place in just two weeks on Tuesday, December 6th. Both new and returning Greyscalegorilla Plus Individual and Teams customers will have a chance to join or re-up their subscription for 25% off retail price. The sale runs from 10:00 AM CST on Tuesday, December 6th to 10:00 AM CST on Wednesday, December 7th, and can be accessed easily at the Greyscalegorilla website ( 










Learn more about the Greyscalegorilla Year End Sale here:

For just 24 hours, the community will have a chance to lock in an annual Greyscalegorilla Plus subscription for just $299 (usually $399). Simply add Plus to the shopping cart and it will automatically check out at 25% off. For those that are new to Greyscalegorilla and want to preview what’s in Plus before making the purchase, they can pre-sale window shop here.

“Greyscalegorilla plays a vital role in my everyday workflow when creating scenes in Cinema 4D for clients or for my own personal work. The expansive library of ready-to-render assets is packed with time-savers in every corner; Materials, Textures, HDRi’s, and more. I highly recommend Greyscalegorilla for any Cinema 4D artist that is ready to level up their renders.” – WilliamTheThird (, a longtime Greyscalegorilla user and 3D artist 

The Year End Sale arrives on the heels of Greyscalegorilla’s two most exciting releases of 2022: Greyscalegorilla Tactile, the most realistic 3D materials for Cinema 4D, and the introduction of 3D models to the Greyscalegorilla Plus library. 

Win a Free Year of Plus!

Help Greyscalegorilla get the word out about their biggest sale of the year! Head over to the @GSG3D Twitter page, retweet any tweets that use the hashtag #GSGsale2022, and you’ll be automatically entered in the daily drawing, taking place every day from November 22nd to December 5th. 

Greyscalegorilla Plus: Under-the-Hood

Greyscalegorilla Plus is a powerful, robust and constantly growing set of tools for Cinema 4D users who want to create beautiful 3D renders, fast. Plus is packed with plugins, materials, lighting tools, and 3D assets that enable artists to create stunning 3D renders in Cinema 4D using Redshift, Octane, and Arnold. See everything that’s new to Greyscalegorilla Plus as of this year:

Greyscalegorilla Plus includes everything you need to make your Cinema 4D renders look amazing at an affordable price. Plus membership gives Cinema 4D artists a wide variety of best-in-class tools and resources for 3D rendering and motion design. Membership includes access to:

  • Materials and texture libraries: more than 3000 handcrafted, hi-rez Cinema 4D assets, and access to 500+ HDRIs for 3D. All compatible with Redshift, Octane, and Arnold.
  • Cinema 4D Plugins: Trusted by professional artists, studios, and major brands, Greyscalegorilla plug-ins provide comprehensive lighting, animation, and photo-realistic rendering capabilities.
  • Over 250 3D models ready for use in your 3D renders
  • Over $12,000 in content at a fraction of the cost.
  • New content added regularly to the Greyscalegorilla Plus library.

Pricing and Availability

Greyscalegorilla Plus membership is available directly from Greyscalegorilla. See full pricing Information here. 

About Greyscalegorilla: 

Chicago-based Greyscalegorilla is a company made up of master artists and creative technologists, united in the mission of making professional-quality 3D renders and motion design easy and attainable for any 3D artist. Through Greyscalegorilla Plus, our affordable cloud-based subscription service, artists have access to the most comprehensive, ever-expanding library of professional quality, award-winning plug-ins, hand-curated materials, lighting tools, HDRIs, and on-demand training from industry professionals. 

Updated regularly, the Plus platform demystifies all aspects of the Cinema 4D software application and top 3D render engines, including Redshift by Maxon, Autodesk Arnold, and OTOY Octane. And while our tools are used by top studios, brands, and designers around the world, our focus has always been on giving individual artists the resources and knowledge they need to achieve great results. 

All Greyscalegorilla tools are backed by our Gorilla Guarantee of your happiness and no hassles.

Learn more about us and our tools at

Greyscalegorilla Plus Resources:

Need more information about Greyscalegorilla? Check out our press page for product images, logos, testimonials, and more. 

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