The New ZeeVee 2920 HDbridge!

ZeeVee, Inc., are now shipping their new HDbridge 2920 encoder and modulator which is capable of delivering 1080 resolution video from high-definition serial digital interface (HD-SDI) sources to unlimited HD display destinations over existing coaxial cable infrastructures! The new HDbridge 2920 provides excellent video quality and Dolby Digital Audio for distribution to broadcast studios, security rooms, and virtually any large venue applications! The support from ZeeVee, Inc. is unparallelled. The extensive technical support is thorough and all of their products come with an industry leading five-year warranty! The great and most important factoid is that the HDbridge 2000-series products share a unified architecture so the implementation is easy and very affordable to deploy.

ZeeVee‘s highly acclaimed Maestro software provides for the ease of configuration and management, plus it will automatically recognize all of your ZeeVee products located in your distribution center or head-end! The HDbridge 2920 utilizes Maestro to configure your encoding and modulation of the HD-SDI source to distribute the data streams over the same coaxial wire. The unit is front and rear cooled providing for high cooling and reliability.

“Broadcast-quality HD-SDI video can now be deployed faster over coaxial infrastructure,” said Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee. “We want commercial installers to have the flexibility to add more channels and a wider gamut of input options for video encoding with our HDbridge 2000-series solutions. Our new  2920 model is made in  America and is the latest in a series of solutions working towards our vision of accessible and affordable video distribution.”

Like all of the quality ZeeVee products, the HDbridge 2920 features simple on-site setup and status monitoring and is compatible with other popular ZeeVee technology! It supports an Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) channel, closed-captioning support, as well as digital signage channel for use with small video loops.

About ZeeVee:

ZeeVee, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of digital encoder/modulators for commercial video distribution applications with offices in the United States and Europe. ZeeVee has transformed digital video distribution by producing award-winning commercial grade products featuring easy setup and installation, delivering a single intuitive platform for all video distribution and digital signage needs. ZeeVee HD/SD encoders and RF modulators convert video sources into digital cable channels that can be broadcast over existing coax cabling to an unlimited number of displays, making ZeeVee ideally suited for complex retrofit applications. Since 2006, ZeeVee has provided an efficient, reliable and profitable solution to installers of video distribution and digital signage solutions in such market segments as assisted living, casinos, corporate centers, educational institutions, fitness centers, hospitals, hotels, houses of worship, restaurants/sports bars, stadium/arenas, and other facilities. ZeeVee products have been deployed in thousands of installations worldwide and are available through distribution partners.

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