THE Next-Generation MAM: Getting Real Results from Business-Driven Media Workflow

THE Next-Generation MAM: Getting Real Results from Business-Driven Media Workflow

Smart media professionals want, nay EXPECT, benefits from the business of media management. They realize that the MAM of today needs to be so much more than the simple library and associated task menu of yesterday, and that perfect media management requires exceptionally well-integrated IT architecture. Smart media professionals want a MAM that applies IT technology to broadcast and media and maximizes the capabilities of their modern facilities.

 An Intelligent MAM Evolves

An intelligently designed MAM not only adapts with rapidly evolving business processes, it plays a crucial role in driving the facility’s success. Integrating a Media Process Manager (MPM) with a an open and scalable Business Process Modeling engine (BPM) into a MAM will provide a toolset for a more efficient, conjoined media process model, enabling integration throughout the business for multi-screen archive, production workflow and content preparation. A cross platform web-based user-interface and web-based API provides every operator with media tools at every desktop, department and site, facilitating stronger internal and external working practices.

 Accelerate, or get out of the way

Recent developments have forced media companies to adapt to new complex content distribution business models. While modern Media IT solutions architecture now provides broadcasters with full integration across their entire business with increasingly efficient and cost-effective operations, traditional linear playout and viewing on-demand has evolved quicker than expected into the concept of ‘content everywhere’ via smart TVs, tablets, smart phones and PCs.

 Media professionals are looking to more sophisticated MAMs and media workflow processes to help them adapt and utilize these new developments to expand services, increase their reach, and accelerate their successes.

 Scalability is KEY

Scalability is key! MAMs should grow with the organization. They should incorporate flexible architecture that allows business performance to improve without incurring additional costs, and a common platform to effect operational change and increase efficiency. This type of change usually prioritizes specific media processes that need adaption, without disrupting the existing production process.

 Today’s media service providers serve as a central production hub working with many partners throughout their production and distribution workflow and other sites to enrich and package content by adding rich metadata, international languages, subtitles, and creating promos. Multi-site deployment capabilities have many benefits such as content migration, business continuity with operational cost control predictably and reduction. And efficient and traceable content transfer and management is critical when contributions originate from numerous locations.

 Tedial EvolutionTM – Meet THE next Generation MAM

Tedial EvolutionTM is THE next Generation MAM! A suite of Media IT tools that includes MPM and Ficus BPM workflow tools as well as the world class Tarsys MAM and AST Hierarchical Storage Management, Tedial Evolution provides media professionals and broadcasters with a full range of scalable, flexible systems that evolve with your business, adapting to your legacy systems and enabling fast, advanced updates and changes to address your ever changing business.

 Tedial Evolution offers a new user GUI experience designed to speed manual and automated workflows. Built on the solid, 10-year old Tarsys MAM platform, the new HTML5 user interface keeps frequently used tools on the screen for improved performance. True multi-screen (Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) and multi-platform (IOS, Android, Windows, etc.) operations allow users to manage tasks, validate media or monitor workflows status from mobile devices. The interface is fully customizable for individual preferences or work assignments, including different metadata views and screen configurations, with an integrated activity monitor and unified view of archives, workflows and business processes

Tedial General iT5 GU Ismalland inside the MAM is an improved media player with audio waveforms, thumbnails and locators displayed in the timeline.

 The Tarsys Search/Indexing engine has been extended to organize/search collections and other object related entities, to indexing very large databases via shared indexes, and to automatically tag descriptive metadata based on scoring of texts using stop words. The system now autocompletes user keyword inputs and generates suggestions for every entry as it is typed! It offers new methods to surf the MAM through “departments” using an “ style” facets category and/or group entities. The system also automatically tags media, relating assets based on most relevant tags.

 Harnessing the power of a true Object Relational Database, a new set of tools provides a service to manage group entities, a multi-level classification schema (collections, albums, series, projects, rights, delivery packages, etc.) based on dynamic, changing relations. Employing the power of a real Object Relational Database, entities are logged as assets, which can now be a repository for all shared information. Assets are categorized as members of multiple entities, according to the user needs. Business Process Management services have been extended to reinforce collaboration, allowing several users to work with the same asset. New collaborative processes can be defined using an extended library of foundation workflows and activities.

 The more you investigate the next generation of MAM, the more you will understand why smart media professionals choose Tedial. With over 14 years experience and over 100 people worldwide, our proven track record enables media professionals to take full advantage of file-based workflows, cloud computing and other technologies with minimum risk and maximum benefits. Plan to see Tedial Evolution, THE Next Generation MAM at NAB 2015 Stand N 1937.


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