The Perfect Gift for The Broadcast Engineer or Media Professional Who Has Everything – Telestream’s New UHD and HDR E-Book

Nevada City, Calif., December 22, 2016 – As we settle into the festive season once again, Telestream has come to the rescue of all those people struggling to find the perfect present for that special broadcast engineer & media professional in their lives. New and free of charge from the leading provider of digital video tools and workflow solutions is an e-book entitled The Truth and Hype on 4K, 8K, UHD and HDR.

Written by Paul Turner, Telestream’s VP of Product Management, the book is an educational and informative guide to many of the latest developments in broadcast technology. Written in accessible English, Paul seeks to answer many of today’s technology-related questions that executives might think but dare not ask.


Turner draws on his many decades experience, initially as a BBC engineer, and then senior manager within broadcast technology manufacturers in the USA and UK, to unravel the mysteries of image resolution and dynamic range. Using his inveterate Scouse wit, Turner lifts the lid on many myths and legends of modern technology. He explains how UHD and 4K are not the same thing: whilst on-screen image resolutions are potentially unlimited, human vision is not and this startling revelation needs to be taken into account when discussing the costs and benefits of higher TV resolutions.

Turner goes on to explain how, the higher the resolution on a screen, the closer you need to be to see all the detail. He states that, beyond 4K, it would be almost impossible for most home viewers to appreciate all the detail in an 8K image. Turner is a strong proponent of High Dynamic Range (HDR) – he explains how the wider brightness and color range of HDR offers ways to improve picture quality independent of resolution.

“So many companies inadvertently inundate us with TLAs (three-letter acronyms)– in this e-book I try to unravel much of this impenetrable technical language,” explains Paul Turner. “You don’t get baffled and you don’t get waffle. Just solid, plain-spoken explainations of the technologies that will play central roles in our industry next year and long into the future – what could be a better read after dinner!”

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