The Prismatic Company Debuts at NAB 2024; Unveils Strategy for New LightWeave Platform for the Creator Community


New LightWeave Platform for Content Creators Enables Easy, Efficient Creation and Rapid Updating of High-Value Media at Scale  


The Prismatic Company (, an early-stage startup building applications for content creation and media production, announced today it is making its industry debut at the National Association of Broadcasters conference (NAB 2024) in Las Vegas this week. 


As part of the newly-launched Creator Lab at NAB (Booth #SU4142), The Prismatic Company will unveil a new platform called LightWeave, that they are currently developing for the creator community. With LightWeave, users can weave text, images, graphics, audio, video and interactive content into modular components that can be easily repurposed and reused. Any changes in components can then be deployed across multiple destinations—updating any number of videos, websites, podcasts, or blog posts at the click of a button.


LightWeave helps creators multiply their creative potential through building—and updating—high-quality content at scale. “If you’re a creator, you know that making high-quality content takes a lot of work,” said Abe Feinberg, co-founder and CEO of The Prismatic Company. “We’re building the LightWeave platform to help you get more out of that work. When you create something with LightWeave, you focus on the creative process, and the platform takes care of the rest. It’s designed for scale from the very beginning.” 


Upcoming Accessory App Releases for the LightWeave Platform at NAB 2024

While building the platform, the Prismatic Company is also announcing a family of applications from their stand in the Creator Lab: LightWeave Scribe, LightWeave Charts and LightWeave Interactive.


LightWeave Scribe: Write it. See it. Make it yours.

Before making a video, creators often write an outline or draft a script. With LightWeave Scribe, writing down ideas is making the video—as soon as users start typing an outline or script, Scribe instantly produces a video, along with an automatic voiceover. Creators can use the video and voiceover as-is or enhance it in a variety of ways, such as by inserting their own media or ordering a professional voiceover. Users can fine tune their content by applying formatting or inserting media—again, simply by typing. 


“We’re designing LightWeave to help creators focus on their stories,” added Feinberg. “LightWeave Scribe provides an environment for easy editing and organization of ideas in which making changes to an outline or script instantly results in updates to the video or storyboard.”

This new approach gives users the flexibility to explore their ideas in their own way and obtain exactly the results that they want in that creative moment. Scribe’s unique workflow also saves significant time and tedium for professional content creators who need to manage multiple distribution channels and social media platforms. With LightWeave, they can now create once, repurpose and republish as often as they need and whenever they need—in seconds, rather than hours.


LightWeave Charts: Make professional animated charts easily, on your phone.

LightWeave charts allows users to quickly create animated charts on a mobile device. Enter data, apply customizable styles, and then make it dynamic with professional designs and animations. Users can create basic chart types—such as bar charts and pie charts—as well as specialized types, like seating charts used to show election results.


When a LightWeave Chart uses data or components from the LightWeave Platform, changes to any individual data point cascade throughout the system, allowing for one-click updating, re-rendering and republishing of all the charts that depend on that data—and all the videos, websites, and blog posts that include them. When data and other components are shared between apps on the LightWeave Platform, nothing is ‘baked in,’ allowing content to be easily and efficiently updated and repurposed as often as needed. This represents an entirely new approach to designing content for scale, enabling the creation of extensive libraries of content that always stay fresh.  

LightWeave Charts is coming soon as an accessory smartphone app for iPhone, iPad and Android. ThePrismatic Company is preparing full integration with the LightWeave Platform for more complete, fluid workflows that leverage the scaling power of the platform.


LightWeave Interactive: Make Interactive Videos 

LightWeave Interactive allows content creators to make videos where viewers get to decide what happens next. Make dynamic branching stories, adaptive educational videos, interactive marketing messages, and more. LightWeave Interactive makes it easy to build basic interactive videos with a simple timeline interface, or to create intricate structures using the advanced node editor.


LightWeave Scribe presents innovative new approaches to content creators for multiple categories of users:

  • Journalists can provide optional deep dives or background information on a news story;
  • Educators can enable students to answer questions and engage with the subject matter; 
  • Marketers can target audiences more effectively by creating content where the viewer is an active participant, and also conduct market research through interactive video surveys. 


LightWeave Interactive will initially be available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Future versions will add integration with the full LightWeave Platform, desktop support, and a sophisticated but optional node-based interface for defining complex interactions.


The team is looking forward to talking to NAB participants at their booth in the Creator Lab. Feinberg continued, “We’re at NAB because we want to talk with other creators and folks in the industry. This is the time when your input and feedback is the most helpful to us, and where it will have the biggest impact on the direction we take during the coming months of development up to the early access release.” 


Pricing and Availability

LightWeave Scribe, LightWeave Charts and LightWeave Interactive are in final stages of development and will be generally available in the Summer and Fall of 2024, respectively. Additional product details and features, as well as pricing, will be announced at that time. For more information, please visit


To become part of the LightWeave community, please join us on X (formerly Twitter), Threads and LinkedIn to keep up to date on all new developments and become part of the conversations as they happen.



About The Prismatic Company

The Prismatic Company is an early-stage startup focused on building creative tools for content creation and media production. They’re a small team of creators, educators and software engineers and we believe there’s a better way to create, manage and share digital media at scale. 

Among our founders are the minds behind the KineMaster video editing app, the Alight Motion motion-graphics editor, and user-centric, high value content creation experts from Udacity, the award-winning online learning platform for in-demand technology and skills training

They’re building the LightWeave platform, a new approach that multiplies your creative potential by empowering you to build—and update—high-quality content at scale.

To learn more about The Prismatic Company and to become part of the new LightWeave community, or join the early-access waiting list, please visit

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