The PTZ Camera Operator Handbook is out now

After an incredible year of innovation in the live streaming and broadcast industry, the StreamGeeks has released a book specifically for camera operators. In fact, The PTZ Camera Operator Handbook, written by Paul Richards, is geared toward robotic camera operators who are working on live streaming and video production projects. In the past few years, the demand for robotic PTZ cameras has been driven by a growing need for live and recorded video content. PTZ camera operators are now able to control multiple cameras in ways that were previously impossible with traditional over-the-shoulder cameras.

The new book is available for free from the StreamGeeks or via a paperback version on Amazon. Readers can learn best practices for PTZ camera operations, including the top robotic camera control features used by professional camera operators on video projects. Educational certifications can be redeemed from by those who take the included online course. Careers for camera operators in the video production space have been growing in demand year over year in a variety of metropolitan areas.

Author Paul Richards is the Chief Streaming Officer for the StreamGeeks and PTZOptics. The book includes best practices for operating PTZ cameras using joystick controllers, smartphones and video production software such as vMix, Wirecast, OBS, and NDI Studio Monitor. PTZ cameras have become a crucial tool for modern video productions who are using

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Chief Streaming Officer at PTZOptics
Paul Richards is the Chief Streaming Officer for PTZOptics. Richards is the author of Helping Your Church Live Stream, Esports in Education, the Accelerated Broadcast Club Curriculum, and other live streaming related publications.
Paul Richards
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