The Simplest Way to Bring YouTube into your Broadcast

The Simplest Way to Bring YouTube into your Broadcast

There is a lot of great material on the Internet that is available for free on your PC or Mac via YouTube and Skype. The problem is that it’s not really suitable for the broadcast environment. It does not have the right frame rate or, it does not have the broadcast quality you are looking for if it’s simply grabbed straight off your computer.

Not any more! Now with Ensemble Designs’ scan converter called the Bright Eye Mitto you can actually take DVI, VGA or even HDMI straight from the computer and play it out as SD, HD or a 3G high quality digital video that can be used in your plant. Mitto also has the ability to embed audio straight from the computer with up to a one-second audio delay. This is a wonderful tool to fix lip sync problems. You can give Mitto an external reference so you can time it into your plant with, of course, the timing handles needed in a professional installation. There is even a full set of proc amp functions for correcting video levels.

The cool thing is that it’s possible to select a portion of the screen to output simply by using your mouse. For example, you may want to grab a YouTube video but you don’t want to show the entire site. You can grab the box that we superimpose on your computer screen with the mouse, resize it to the size you need, and move it around on the screen. As soon as you let go of your mouse, what’s inside the box becomes your full screen, high quality output.

Now you can use YouTube videos and Skype interviews on air very easily with the high quality you are looking for. Plus, you get all the professional features you expect from Ensemble Designs.

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