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The StreamGeek Summit is Headed to New York City


By Paul Richards, Chief Streaming Officer, StreamGeeks

Five-time Olympic gold gymnast Nadia Comăneci once said: “Enjoy the journey and try to get better every day, and don’t lose the passion and the love for what you do.” Those words have resonated with me on my journey since founding the StreamGeeks in 2017.

This November, the StreamGeeks will be hosting a first of its kind live streaming summit in NYC. This full day of live streaming education will bring together the top minds in the video production and marketing industry to discuss the future of streaming media. But wait, who are the StreamGeeks? What the heck do these people know about live streaming?

When I first started live streaming in 2015, I made nearly every mistake possible. After a year’s time, producing regular live streams on YouTube, our company started to see a major uptick in sales and online exposure. Using our PTZOptics live streaming cameras, I found a groove, and started to build a dedicated audience. It wasn’t long until I brought on a co-host and eventually a full-time producer. By the time Facebook Live launched in 2016, our team and our live stream started to gain more traction with audiences around the globe. We were streaming to both YouTube and Facebook every Friday. The streams we produced were authentic, and we engaged with our audiences by showing them that live streams aren’t flawless productions. Yet as time progressed, we truly became experts in the field and could share that knowledge with our growing following. At this time, I decided to write the book “ Live Streaming is Smart Marketing.” It was a culmination of the work we had done, illustrating our journey in a way that also showed others they, too, could connect with audiences and build their brands with live video. We took readers through our live streaming equipment setup because we truly wanted to give this knowledge and expertise to others. We helped local businesses in Chester County, Pa., produce their very first live streams. We produced and co-hosted a live stream to help a local non-profit raise money for victims of violent crimes, and we also produced a live stream for the local, community radio station. These experiences led us to teachable moments for our audiences. We shared everything with them, from the pre-show and behind-the-scenes shots of setting up our cameras to post shows in our podcast studio where we’d dissect everything we did. The process became a full-scale production and allowed our audiences to be part of every step.

This led us to the idea of creating an in-person summit. I envisioned something smaller scale from the typical trade shows, with opportunities for attendees to make true connections and gain valuable insights. From this, the StreamGeeks Summit was born.

On Nov. 8 at the Dream Downtown in Chelsea, my team and I are hosting a full day of live streaming education. From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., attendees will be able to network with live

streaming professionals and amateurs looking to add a live stream to their businesses. I’m proud to say it will truly be the first conference of its kind on the east coast, and we’re committed to making it a memorable experience.

The StreamGeeks Summit keynote speaker will be Geoffrey Colon, the head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio and author of “Disruptive Marketing.” He’ll focus his talk on the power of live streaming and its influence on brand strategy, podcasting, the gaming industry, the live music industry, and sports. Chris Packard will talk about the latest live streaming platform, LinkedIn Live. Both will be joined by CEOs, thought leaders and experts in the industry.

In addition to summit workshops and panels, there will be a unique VIP reception on Thursday. The New York City mobile streaming expert who founded Urbanist will give a tour of the meatpacking district, all while live streaming!

So if you can carve a day out for live streaming education and networking, meet us at the Dream Downtown Nov. 8. Full-day ticket prices are just $295. Lunch will be included. Get your tickets soon because the event is being capped at 250 attendees. Virtual tickets are also available, and premium virtual tickets will allow you to access recordings of all the workshops.

I hope to see you in the Big Apple, too!

Paul is the Chief Streaming Officer at the StreamGeeks and the author of “Live Streaming is Smart Marketing.” Richards teaches over 20,000 students on UDEMY on live video production, mobile streaming, and much more. Richards has hosted the official NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show in Las Vegas and continues to be a thought leader in the industry.