The Video Call Center Debuts BleepIT—the Only Professional Profanity Delay and Removal System Designed Specifically for Facebook Live and Other Livestream Platforms

As More Programs and Brands Engage Audiences with Live Web Content, Defense from Everything from Libel to Nudists is Now Just an Affordable Click Away

PALISADES, NY. April 24, 2017—The Video Call Center, the leading experts in live caller television and a Facebook Live Media Solutions Partner, today at NAB 2017 introduced BleepIT™, the first profanity delay solution purpose-built for the workflow and economics of professional, online, live productions. BleepIT enables programmers and brands to take advantage of the immediacy and engagement potential of live stream platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live, while protecting themselves from the potential harms of libel, copyright infringement, profanity and undesirable behavior. BleepIT is also essential for content creators to ensure that they do not violate the terms and conditions of service increasingly being enforced by major distribution platforms. BleepIT is on display at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, April 24-27 in booth SU11806.

BleepIT is a modern, all-digital profanity delay solution built by an experienced team to the same high, proven standards that have long been applied to live programs on traditional TV mediums. BleepIT editorial features include:

1. Adjustable live delay allows producers to set the optimal time difference between their live feed and distribution to the streaming platform. This makes it easy to adapt the system to suit the programming, size of the editorial staff, and other considerations.
2. Retroactive removal of unwanted material takes advantage of the delay so that sensitive material can be removed from the stream and replacement video or silence substituted in its place.
3. Multiple triggers enable producers and other concerned parties to assign any number of approved team members to editorial duty, each with their own software control, to trigger a removal.
4. Trigger from anywhere capability means editorial control can be triggered from off premises, with responsibility distributed anywhere, to anyone, or better said, everyone who needs it.

The VCC’s CEO Larry Thaler said, “Programmers and brands are rightly enthusiastic about the unique benefits of livestreaming short and long form content. At the same time, the potential for even a minor faux pas to spin out of control via social media is an immense liability. BleepIT is an essential component of live production for any entity with an identity and a reputation worth protecting.”

BleepIT is part of the VCC’s exclusive five layers of protection for live production, which include:

• Legal agreement—Before entering the Caller QueueTM, callers are required to sign-in and approve terms and conditions before each air appearance. The agreement is stored in a database and a report can be printed for each show.
• Pre-Screen—Callers can be prompted to provide images of themselves for verification by trained monitors to helps filter callers.
• Live Call Screening—Monitors interact directly with callers before approving them and making them available to producers and host for live interaction. Further identification can be verified if needed and questioning helps to reveal the intentions of callers.
• Kill Switch—With a single button push, any authorized member of the production team, including call screeners, producers, and on air host, has the ability to remove one or all callers.
• BleepIT—The ultimate last line of defense, takes advantage of delay to give producers the opportunity to retroactively remove and replace objectionable content.

The VCC has tested the system extensively on live television programs that have been produced on its production platform. Samples of these shows, as well as additional information about the VCC, are available at
About The Video Call Center, LLC:
The VCC is a technology and content development company devoted to handling large numbers of IP Video remotes-by-smartphone and putting them on the air through patented workflow and assistive automation (patent #8,767,031 and other patents pending). The VCC licenses its software and provides caller acquisition and production services. VCC has produced hundreds of programs for the web through its Talk Center America platform, and dozens for the stations of co-owner TEGNA Media. The VCC is jointly owned by Wolzien LLC and TEGNA, which is a significant investor and customer. Examples of video caller television programs and complete information about the VCC are available at

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