The Vitec Group Brands and Products on Display at Cine Gear Expo

Anton/Bauer: Introducing All-New Battery Range

At Cine Gear Expo, Anton/Bauer, a leader in the design, manufacture, and testing of mobile power systems for broadcast, film, and video, will unveil an all-new line of highly dependable, rugged, long-lasting, and intelligent batteries. The new line is targeted to cinematographers, institutional broadcasters and rental houses, owners and operators of high-power portable fixtures, and users of camera stabilizer systems. More information will be forthcoming.

OConnor: New DCM and DCL Dollies and New Camera Assistant Bag

OConnor will be showcasing two new dollies and a new camera assistant bag for the first time at the Cine Gear Expo.. These robust, lightweight, and compact wheeled dollies bring even greater versatility and convenience to on-location shoots. The new dollies are available in two versions: the DCM, for use with OConnor 30L and 60L tripods; and the DCL, for use with OConnor Cine and Cine Baby tripods.

Designed to attach easily to OConnor’s industry-leading tripods, the dollies make it easier than ever to change locations and reposition camera setups for the next shot. Adjustable cable guards, track locks, and fast-action foot breaks make the dollies perfect for studio and on-location shoots. Camera operators can also use the dolly-tripod combo on a smooth studio floor for dynamic horizontal camera movements. The dollies’ fast-folding design with an integral carry handle allows for easy transportation to and from locations.

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Photo Caption: New OConnor Dollies at Cine Gear Expo


OConnor: Entire Fluid Head Line Including the 2560

As the global camera support leader in the cinema industry, OConnor will showcase its entire fluid head lineup at Cine Gear Expo, including the 1030D, 2575D, 2560, and 120EX.

The 2560 is the latest addition to the OConnor fluid head family, offering versatility for both lightweight and heavy rig setups and enabling cinematographers to move more quickly and efficiently while still maintaining control and stability. The continuously adjustable 2560 offers sinusoidal counterbalance and fluid drag that together provide the ultrasmooth OConnor feel over the largest payload range. The 2560 offers cine-standard position of controls (including brakes) and a front-handle mount for intuitive, controlled positioning of the camera, as well as a lightweight magnesium housing and carbon-fiber cover for best-in-class performance, power-to- weight ratio, and reliability.

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Photo Caption: OConnor 2560 Fluid Head


Litepanels: Gemini 2×1 Soft Panel

Litepanels will showcase Gemini, the industry’s most accurate and versatile 2×1 soft panel. Gemini eliminates the need for color correction by offering full-spectrum white light that’s perfect for lighting talent and rendering exceptional color. Lighting professionals can “go bold” by lighting with any color in the 360-degree color wheel and popular gels within Gemini’s color modes. Plus, Gemini’s latest firmware upgrade allows for a variety of cinematic effects, such as emergency lights, fire, TV, and hue bursts, all of which are fully customizable and easily saved to presets.

Gemini’s versatile, ballast-free, lightweight design allows the light to be rigged more easily, requiring less cabling because the power supply is built-in. The production-friendly soft panel can also deliver full-intensity, mobile-powered operation under battery only; an ideal complement is the Anton/Bauer CINE VCLX battery. Users can operate every function of Gemini with its intuitive on-board controls and user interface with multiple control options.

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Photo Caption: Product Shots of Litepanels Gemini 2×1 Soft Panel


Litepanels: Astra LED Panels

Litepanels’ next-generation Astra family of LED panels continues to build on the quality and popularity of the company’s original 1×1 panel. The Astra 3X and 6X — available in both daylight or bicolor models — feature a 50 percent increase in output, making them three and six times brighter than the original Astra. The Astra Soft Bi-Color provides flattering diffused lighting for a soft, wraparound light quality. The Astra Bi-Focus Daylight is the newest addition to the popular Astra family, giving users the ability to adjust from a 48-degree flood to a 15-degree concentration of light with the turn of a dial.

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Photo Caption: Litepanels’ Astra LED Panels Product Images


Sachtler and Vinten: Award-Winning flowtech™ Tripod

Fresh from winning an impressive array of awards at the 2018 NAB Show, including a prestigious IABM BaM Award, flowtech™ is an all-new carbon-fiber tripod with the world’s fastest-deploying legs, unique quick-release brakes, and easily adjustable levers for quick and easy setup in any type of remote production environment. At the Cine Gear Expo, Sachtler and Vinten will showcase flowtech technology with the flowtech 75 tripod, compatible with all major 75-millimeter fluid heads . flowtech offers a set of two-stage legs with an easy-to-remove midlevel spreader, rubber feet, and a payload capacity of 20 kilograms (44 pounds).

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Photo Caption: flowtech™ Product and Application Images 


Company Quote:

“Around the globe, cinematographers and photographic professionals trust our brands to capture the most beautiful and engaging imagery, no matter the location, terrain, or weather conditions. The Cine Gear Expo is a great opportunity to showcase these award-winning solutions, including OConnor’s industry-leading camera heads, Litepanels’ accurate and agile lighting solutions, and our award-winning flowtech, a game-changing tripod for accelerating camera operators’ workflows on any type of film or on-location shoot . We’re particularly excited about the launch of an all-new battery line from Anton/Bauer that will set another industry standard for long life, reliability, and outstanding ROI. – Halid Hatic, Senior Vice President, Production Solutions at The Vitec Group



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