Next-gen news streamer TICKER NEWS will be broadcasting LIVE from the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), powered by TINKERLIST – the platform for creative television teams.

TICKER NEWS anchor and Founder Ahron Young will be hosting live news broadcasts from the TINKERLIST stand at the IBC during all four days of the convention, beginning Friday, September 9.

The broadcast will demonstrate the next generation of newsroom content creation, and how it continues to power TICKER NEWS live broadcasts around the world.

TICKER CEO Ahron Young says:

“The IBC is back! Since IBC was last held, TICKER NEWS has grown into a world news streamer. We’ve been working with our partners at Tinkerlist to create something incredible – the next-gen of broadcasting production.”

“Before launching Ticker, I worked with numerous high end production systems for newsrooms, so I can safely say our experience with Tinkerlist has been like nothing else. It’s an incredible partnership that continues to evolve.”

The September event will be the first IBC event since 2019, and the TINKERLIST and TICKER NEWS demonstration will give vendors an up close view of a live news channel production.

Ticker’s Ahron Young and Tinkerlist CEO Eric Hauters will be speaking about the future of news and content production to an audience at IBC at 3pm on Sunday, September 11.
TINKERLIST CEO Erik Hauters says: 
“With TinkerList we built a cloud-based rundown software, which allows productions to automate anything. From talk shows, to quizzes, to sports and… in this case News. Together with TICKER NEWS we developed a very powerful automation module which we will show at IBC. The module allows TICKER NEWS to run a full professional news broadcast without operators.“

“Only one man running the show…the presenter. We believe that TICKER NEWS is exactly the direction news broadcast is moving to; online, on topic, worldwide.”
“It was great to have TICKER NEWS as a partner in this progress. Even with the time difference, it was easy to do the full setup remotely. This is consistent with both our company philosophies of working sustainable and agile.”

“We are looking forward to showcasing how the news of the future will look like, together with TICKER NEWS!.”


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