Tiger Aspect Uses Aframe to Achieve Efficient and Collaborative Production on “Peaky Blinders”

Speed of sharing footage, simplicity of reviewing footage from anywhere Aids in the quick and efficient post-production of the show 

BOSTON AND LONDON September 25, 2014 ­- Caryn Mandabach Productions and Tiger Aspect Productions have used Aframe’s cloud video production platform on the hit gangster drama, “Peaky Blinders.” Aframe enabled digital dailies and other works in process to be assembled, reviewed and distributed efficiently to a large and geographically dispersed team of professionals on the move.   Tiger Aspect had previously used Aframe on the production of hit BBC show “Ripper Street.”

“Ripper Street’s” workflow involved distributing digital dailies and weekly rough assemblies from location in Dublin to a set of executive producers, directors, editors and commissioners spread throughout the UK.  It was the success of this project that led Tiger Aspect to use Aframe again during the production of the second series of “Peaky Blinders.”

Nicky Poulton, Drama Production Manger at Tiger Aspect, comments: “Aframe proved its value again during the production of ‘Peaky Blinders.’ The main benefit for us is the speed of sharing footage with executive producers and the executives at BBC2. The simplicity of being able to review footage from wherever they are makes it extremely convenient, collaborative and far more cost effective than our previous methods. It has certainly aided in the quick and efficient post production of the show.”

Aframe has provided an easier and more secure way for Tiger Aspect to work than its previous dailies review process. By using Aframe’s secure cloud platform to upload, store and share content, the firm has been able to dramatically improve the speed of review, as well as ensure that even when executives may be unable to attend the edit viewing, they are still very much a part of the process.

Head of Drama Will Gould concludes: “Not only has Aframe provided significant benefits in terms of the production and post production processes, but we continue to be impressed by its ease of use. People are comfortable with the solution and enjoy using the platform, and although we do alternate staff between productions, Aframe is so user-friendly that there is very little training needed.   “Overall, the platform is a great asset to the team and we will continue to work with Aframe where we can on future projects.”

Note: Series 2 of Peaky Blinders airs on BBC2 on Thursday October 2.

About Aframe   Aframe is a cloud video platform with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval, archive and tagging. Already many thousands of video professionals around the world rely on Aframe to organize and streamline video production or as an adjunct to existing media asset management (MAM) solutions. Aframe users upload their raw video footage from wherever they are in the world onto Aframe’s cloud, securely store it there, and share it with anyone, anywhere as they collaborate on TV, film, corporate video or advertising spots. The timecode-specific metadata that Aframe users generate can be transferred directly from the cloud into any of the top 3 NLE platforms. Once there, the metadata relinks with the original media – retaining all user changes automatically. If desired Aframe can provide logging services that makes video discoverable and expedite finding the perfect clip.

Aframe also can serve as a cloud-based MAM architecture to centralize a library of production and broadcast-ready video assets and supporting documentation. For more information visit

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