Timecode Systems at Cine Gear Expo 2017

For Timecode Systems, 2017 is all about bringing the increased efficiency and cost savings they deliver to multicamera production teams to 360-degree filmmakers too. At Cine Gear Expo 2017, the company will be showcasing not only a new, cost-effective way to streamline multicamera production workflows using the UltraSync ONE, but also demonstrating how its system can now be configured to offer efficiency benefits to professional VR workflows.

UltraSync ONE Redefines Industry Expectations of Small, Budget-Friendly Sync Boxes
Size and price are important factors when it comes to timecode solutions, but not at the cost of the quality of the sync and the confidence that battery life will last an entire day of filming. Measuring 55mm x 44mm x 17mm, weighing only 39g, offering a battery life of more than 25 hours and priced at just $299, UltraSync ONE is the smallest, most cost-effective generator and transceiver on the market to provide timecode, genlock for camera sync, and word clock for sound, all synchronized wirelessly and with sub-line sync accuracy over bi-directional BLINK RF. These combine to provide synchronization to such a high degree of accuracy that it’s suitable for even genlock-synchronized 360-degree VR arrays.

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SyncBac VR Solution Expands to Include More Custom VR Rigs
The momentum for developing VR technology is showing no signs of slowing down, but there is one thing that has persistently frustrated 360 content producers — the lack of a professional alternative to the time-consuming, manual process of synchronizing multiple streams of non-timecoded GoPro footage. In April, Timecode Systems and 360RIZE launched a modular, multicamera VR rig designed to house GoPro HERO4 cameras with SyncBac PROs attached. This solution showed how the SyncBac PRO solution can be applied to remove the guesswork from 360-degree filming by enabling cameras to be timecode-synchronized at the point of shooting over RF, and also how multiple cameras in a VR rig can be controlled simultaneously from a tablet using the BLINK Hub app. At Cine Gear Expo 2017, Timecode Systems is expanding the application of its SyncBac VR solution by demonstrating how UltraSync ONE could integrate into other custom VR rigs, creating an opportunity to use professional genlock sync for 360-degree filming.

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Photo Caption: One SyncBac VR Rig From 360RIZE

Timecode Systems Integration With Kolor’s Autopano Video Pro Creates New Time Savings in VR Postproduction
Time aligning files from the multiple cameras in a 360-degree VR rig can be a manual and time-consuming process if there is no easy synchronization point, especially when synchronizing with separate audio. Visually timecode-slating cameras is a disruptive manual process, and using the clap of slate (or another visual or audio cue) as a sync marker can be unreliable when it comes to the edit process.

A new sync feature, included in the version 3.0 update to Autopano Video Pro, incorporates full support for MP4 timecode generated by Timecode Systems’ products (for example, timecode from SyncBac PROs attached to GoPro HERO4 cameras in a custom 360-degree VR rig). This gives virtual reality filmmakers the freedom to shoot creatively and efficiently, safe in the knowledge that every camera in the rig is shooting in frame-level synchronization and can be easily aligned and stitched.

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Photo Caption: Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO
Company Quote:

“Timecode Systems is heading to Cine Gear Expo 2017 with new products, enhanced features, and some exciting updates to its BLINK Hub app that together demonstrate how its solutions combine to deliver significant time and cost savings throughout the production process, from acquisition through to postproduction, whether filming for film and television or for 360-degree video.”
— Paul Scurrell, CEO, Timecode Systems Ltd.

Company Overview
Timecode Systems designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software solutions that make it easier to capture, log, search, and synchronize content from multicamera film and television shoots and 360-degree virtual reality (VR) filming. Whether for filming using one camera in a studio, multiple cameras on location, a whole army of wearables or minicams, or GoPro cameras rigged for 360-degree filming, Timecode Systems products work together to offer production teams a cohesive wireless workflow solution for syncing video and audio, sharing metadata, and remotely controlling devices via the free multiplatform BLINK Hub app.

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