Timecode Systems Joins Forces With Trew Audio to Meet Growing Demand From North America

WORCESTER, U.K. — March 6, 2018 — Timecode Systems Limited, a U.K. manufacturer of timecode synchronisation products, has extended its relationship with North American broadcast industry service provider Trew Audio as it continues to drive forward the expansion of its solutions across the United States and Canada.

Trew Audio has been a reseller of Timecode Systems products since 2012. From March 2018, Trew Audio will also act as a North American service centre for Timecode Systems, delivering equipment repairs in the United States and Canada. The move was triggered by increased demand from Timecode Systems’ customers in the region since the launch of the UltraSync ONE product last year.

“We want our customers to have the best possible experience using our system, wherever they are in the world, so delivering responsive, ongoing technical support and convenient access to a repair service is essential,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO of Timecode Systems Limited. “We approached Trew Audio to help us with servicing not only because of the great geographical coverage they offer and the passion and in-depth knowledge they have for the products they represent, but also for the first-class technical support they can provide. With Trew Audio, we know not just our products, but also our customers, are in great hands.”

In March, Timecode Systems will also increase its reach in North America, expanding its web store to cover the region (the company’s e-commerce offering was previously only available to the U.K. and Europe), with Trew Audio fulfilling any online orders destined for the United States and Canada.

“Speed, scalability, and convenience are high priorities when it comes to the service we offer our customers, and our supply chain is critical to our ability to deliver on what we promise,” said Scurrell. “Our agreement with Trew Audio enables us to offer customers in North America a fast and efficient online shopping alternative that allows them to buy from us directly but without the higher international shipping costs and inconvenience of waiting for goods to arrive from the U.K. We feel that, combined with our established reseller network, this option gives customers full flexibility to choose the best buying route for their circumstances.”

Over the past six years, Timecode Systems has developed a suite of hardware and software solutions and launched integration projects with well-established industry favourites including Sound Devices and GoPro.

“We’ve been working with Timecode Systems from the start, and hold their business operations and products in very high regard,” says Glen Trew, CEO of Trew Audio. “Customers today are looking for innovative technology to address rapidly changing production requirements, and Timecode Systems is quick to respond with products that streamline workflows and save time and money. We’re excited to be involved with supporting Timecode Systems and our industry by making their products and service more accessible in the US and Canada.”

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Timecode Systems Limited designs and manufactures timecode hardware and software products that offer a reliable and user-friendly way to generate, sync, and share accurate timecode and metadata wirelessly over long-range RF and Wi-Fi. Whether a production includes one camera in a studio, multiple cameras, or a whole army of wearables or minicams on location, Timecode Systems products work together to offer television and film professionals a cohesive wireless workflow solution for syncing video and audio, sharing metadata, and remotely controlling devices via the free, multiplatform BLINK Hub app.

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