TMD unveils Chameleon to simplify the user experience

NAB, Las Vegas, #N4425: TMD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, has introduced Chameleon, its new approach to user interfaces in complex asset and workflow management systems. As its name suggests, Chameleon adapts to each user’s needs, presenting just the relevant information.

One of the biggest challenges in introducing large-scale digital asset management systems is that, to gain the full operational and economic benefit, it permeates every part of a broadcaster’s operations. The common set of metadata has to be viewed, adapted and monitored by users across the whole enterprise: technical, creative, operational and commercial. The risk is that this mass of information can confuse users. Further, extensive training is needed before the system can safely go live.

TMD has always taken the view that each user’s needs are different, and they should only see the metadata they care about. What Chameleon provides is a framework by which organisations can meet the precise needs of each user.

The Chameleon framework is based on HTML5, enabling complete cross platform support including mobile and tablet devices.

“I spend much of my time talking to some of the biggest broadcasters, media organisations and archives around the world, who are either planning or implementing major asset and workflow management systems,” said Tony Taylor, CEO of TMD. “One of their biggest concerns is not whether the system will work, but how they will train their staff on it, and how they will manage the change.

“What we are doing with Chameleon is taking that issue away,” he explained. “Do not force people to work in a different way, on a system that needs days of training. Give them a screen that intuitively shows them how to do their job and let them get on with it. It seems obvious but TMD is the first to say that the system should be serving the operator, not the other way around.”

Chameleon will be launched at NAB 2015 (Las Vegas, 13 – 16 April), alongside a new family of packaged asset management products and the latest enhancements to Mediaflex. TMD can be found on booth number N4425.

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